Missouri Valley postseason awards

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    Feb 13, 2001
    NOTE: The good folks at the MVC couldn't be bothered to put the positions next to the players they honored on their all conference teams. I added the ones I knew off the top of my head but I'm not going to be bothered to look the rest up.

    Also, putting a player's year next to his name would be nice, too!

    Chris Dunsheath, Bradley, GK
    Ryan Pore, Tulsa, F
    Kyle Brown*, Tulsa, F
    Matt Nickell, Drake
    David Wagenfuhr*, Creighton, D
    Kevin Hudson, SMU
    Luke Kreamalmeyer, Bradley
    Matt Wieland, Creighton, D
    Scott Kincaid, Tulsa
    Ron Plute, Western Kentucky
    Ugo Ihemelu, SMU, D
    *Repeat first team selection
    Matt Pickens, Southwest Missouri State, GK
    Daryl Sattler, Western Kentucky
    Jamal Sutton, Southwest Missouri State
    Preston Good, Bradley
    Marc Burch, Evansville, F
    Doug Lascody, Southwest Missouri State
    Ramon Nunez, SMU, MF
    Richard Mupfudze, Western Kentucky
    Adam Zenor, Drake
    Ryan Glynn, Bradley
    Lance Muckey, Evansville

    Bradley: Jon Caldwell; Creighton: Shane Havens, Matt Thomas and Matt Jewett; Drake: Jesse Baker and Chris Hamburger; Eastern Illinois: Jimmy Klatter; Evansville: Dan Broxup; SMU: David Chun and Mynor Gonzalez; SMS: Jon Watson; Vanderbilt: Jimmy Stone and Justin Moreland; Western Kentucky Daniel Payne and Brad Benz.

    Besmir Bega, Drake
    Jeff Diehl, Eastern Illinois
    Jamie Gilbert, Vanderbilt
    Mynor Gonzalez, SMU
    Michael Kraus, Creighton
    Ian McAuley, Evansville
    Justin Moreland, Vanderbilt
    Jay Needham, SMU
    Ramon Nunez, SMU
    Tony Odorisio, Creighton
    Dario Saintus, SMU
    Cary Wicker, Tulsa
    Offensive Player of the Year
    Ryan Pore, Tulsa, So.

    Defensive Player of the Year
    Matt Wieland, Creighton, So.

    Freshmen of the Year
    Ramon Nunez, SMU, MF

    Coach of the Year
    David Holmes, Western Kentucky

    Interesting that two sophomores were the offensive and defensive players of the year.
  2. beineke

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    Sep 13, 2000
    Agreed, while another sophomore, U-20 pool player Marc Burch, only made the second team. Speaking of national teams, Guatemala's (starting?) defender Mynor Gonzalez was only honorable mention.

    Also, as Emile has pointed out, the conference awards are usually better indicators of performance than are the national awards. I'll be curious to see whether Wagenfuhr or Weiland gets more national recognition.

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