MISL History Game of the "Week" Pittsburgh Spirit at St Louis Steamers 11-8-81

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    Well, Warning here. You won’t enjoy this one that much in less you are a purist and an oldie fan. It’s rough even for me, but this is what was at the top of the pile. It is short though! This what we call the Arena Cam, no broadcast. Even still, it belongs in the history books. If you stick with it, you will get to see some awesome play develop from the Bird’s Eye view. Each game in this sport is important onto itself… Plus, I put another DVD on the burn pile! Been a tough couple of weeks, lost my Father in Law last week, a big sports fan. Shout out to Billy Wayne for sure…

    The Steamers have a solid franchise at this point, only two years into their campaign. The City has fallen in love with them at the Checker Dome, also known as the St. Louis Arena. They lost in their second year to The New York Arrows in the Finals and now are banging the drum to get back to the Finals in the Spring.

    Ty Keough, Don Ebert and the amazing Slobo IIlijevski lead the charge for the Steamers. Stan Terlecki, and Krys Sobieski in goal lead the Spirit!

    First Goal is from TY Keogh, and then Terlecki responds. TY went onto some National Team appearances and then his greatest work as a Broadcaster, covering both indoor and World Cups! Well done sir…

    Stan Terlecki is one of the most undervalued and underrated men in tight shorts in the 80’s. Born Stanislaw Terlecki, he has a great ESPN 30/30(dreaming) story about his life in Poland, and how he arrived and thrived here. Go look him up! An absolute threat with either foot and skills to boot. Talk to any player that served with him or played against him and they have stories…Brilliant.

    I could write pages on all these great heroes, especially Illijevski…take the time to research their great pedigree…And watch the Steamers 7th goal as Slobo dives like Superman and distributes to the wing. Unreal!

    The good good man Yilmaz Orhan is on the Steamers these days, great skill and a great pedigree! Got to meet him in Vegas for the 40th Reunion of the MISL last year…boy would I give anything to be there now. Hello Yilmaz from Dallas…what a good dude he is!

    I am with about 85pct certainty the final is Steamers 9 and Pitt 3. Please chime in if it isn’t so…


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