MISL History Game of the "Week" Pittsburgh Spirit at NY Arrows 12-27-81

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    This one is chalked full of greatness! Two of my Sidekicks heroes play for the Spirit in Krys Sobieski in goal and Marcio Leite in midfield/forward. They are bolstered by the fantastic Stan Terlecki and Paul Child. Of course the Arrows are smacked with talent, to include Zungul, Messing and Paul Kitson to name a few. One of my favorite players for the Arrows though is David D'errico, a jersey legend who was the first pick for the Seattle Sounders...ever. As it turns out, after many years of me playing indoor in Richardson TX at the same rec center, I stumbled across David and his pedigree during one of my games. He has been and is a referee for different nights including my Saturday over 40 league. There is a picture of him marking Pele inside of the bar area and I have bought several things off of Ebay to both present to him and place him in the bar as a tribute to him. He is a brilliant soccer man, and I look at him and see how different the sports landscape is these days for pro athletes in general...over the years of course we have become good friends and I take him to the Sidekicks suite every year. Next up-Tacoma Dallas April 6th, he will be with me. His eyes during these games are wide open as if reliving the day. Good times! A link to David here:


    I could talk about that all day but back to the video. Remember, the Arrows are a walking nightmare for everyone, with championships and cred. Tough to beat at home. Roy Messing, brother of Shep in goal for the Arrows, is on the call along with Steve Albert, related to Marv I would assume. There is a halftime interview with Gene Strenicer of the Arrows and a cool shootout skills comp on Shep as an advertisement piece with Skoal.

    The tape does have some jumpy moments but is still a gem...


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