Michael Bradley - M - Chievo (Serie A)

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    Update: Belgian side Anderlecht is looking at Bradley as an option for the future, Football Italia reports.

    Analysis: Moving to Belgium would be a step backwards for Bradley. He has done well enough with Chievo to earn a promotion to an Italian side that can offer more money. Fiorentina would be an ideal situation for Bradley as he can replace Riccardo Montolivo, who is leaving as a free agent in the summer.

    05 Mar 2012 06:43 AM
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    Michael Bradley is back! Time to change the title of this thread -- MB is with AS Roma now. He did very well last year as a starter in a tough league, and was unfortunate to be injured this season while Roma was reeling off 7 straight wins. Wish I could have seen the game, but I did catch an internet replay. His goal was superb ... smashing a set up into the back of the net while in full stride. I'm not worried about his playing time, he's as good a competitor as any American right now, and probably our best in quality. I think by mid-season he earns his starting role back, and AS Roma still finish 1st or 2nd in the table. Bringing in Strootman will only make MB try harder and improve.

    Speaking of quality ... most sports writers currently rank him as the best American soccer player. How do you think he compares on an international level? It's rare that an American has ever cracked the list of top 100 footballers in the world (maybe a USA goalkeeper once or twice, and I think Landon Donovan did leading up to WC 2010). I think MB cracks the top 100 soon. I think he belongs in the top 30 midfielders in the world. And he's probably going to get better. Hoping he does well at Roma, plays in UCL next year, and leads USA into the knockout stage of WC 14.
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    For a while now, since MB father was the US National Team coach he's been outstanding. I remember he was criticized for "possibly" being a starter because he's father was the coach and boy were they absolutely wrong. You know a good and technically gifted player that first pass he receives, controls and the following pass he makes. You know when a player knows how to move on the pitch, where to be located and what runs to make. He's know 26, and like you said had a great run with Chievo and was transferred to Roma. You only get better with age.

    I, without a doubt! would catalog him as the best American out there at the moment, and IMO he's been for a while even though Dempsy was experiencing fine form while still in England. Agreeing with everything you said, he might be battling out a position in Roma but competition only makes the team better and more importantly the players better. I would consider him top 20 midfielders in the world because he posses everything you look for in a midfielder in that position. With how things are going in Roma I see him playing UCL next year which would be awesome to see.

    He plays simple, adapted to well to a league that looks at everything is detail and it's extremely tactical and difficult to play in.

    He a fantastic player who I'm sure is destined to lead the US sooner rather than later.
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    My team (Aston Villa) had Michael Bradley a few years back on loan but he didn't really get a chance which is sad because I have always thought he had the potential to be a top premier league midfielder

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