MFL competition format vs. MLS competition format

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by MLS Detroit, Dec 15, 2005.

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    I am one of many on the MLS boards that complained for over a month about how it was unjust that the San Jose Earthquakes, MLS' best team over the 32-game regular season, received no recognition from the league, and how the Los Angeles Galaxy (ninth overall) won four games in the playoffs and were declared "champions". How do fans of the Mexican league feel after this same scenario was repeated when America and Cruz Azul were eliminated from the playoffs? Is this just?

    Also, my wife and I are taking our honeymoon in Los Cabos next week. Would appreciate any comments and/or advice on that area.


    Mike from Michigan
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    The #1 seed has rarely won in the Mexican playoffs.

    What's clearly more fair about the Mexican system than MLS is that all rounds are double-legs and the higher seed advances in cast of an aggregate tie.
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    As Riverplate says above, the seeding is based on the league standings and is the first thing used to break a tie.

    I'm so used to playoffs (liguillas) that I can't imagine not having them, and at least this way you don't know midway through the season who's going to win it all already (like Chelsea in the EPL). I think the only real issue with MLS playoffs is that the league doesn't have enough teams yet so it feels like everybody makes it (8 out of 12) even if they only have a mediocre season. I Once the league's got like 18 teams, 8 qualifiers will work out well and teams and games will get more serious during the regular season.
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    sounds more like a problem with playing too many games.

    i dont understand why they do, and still use a playoff system.

    but then again, i dont see why galaxy wouldnt be declared champions. its not like its a surprise to anyone that winning the mls cup mean you are champions of mls.
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    Jan 7, 2001
    I wouldn't say rarely.

    From 1970 to 1996, there were 27 playoffs disputed. Out of the 27 playoffs contested, 13 champions were also league leaders. The likeliness of the league leader winning was almost half (48%). Good odds

    1. 1970-71 América
    2. 1971-72 Cruz Azul
    3. 1972-73 Cruz Azul
    4. 1973-74 Cruz Azul
    5. 1975-76 América
    6. 1976-77 U.N.A.M.
    7. 1978-79 Cruz Azul (México)
    8. 1983-84 América (México)
    9. Mexico 86 Monterrey
    10. 1986-87 Guadalajara
    11. 1987-88 América
    12. 1990-91 U.N.A.M.
    13. 1993-94 U.A.G
    However, that number has dramatically decreased since 1996 after start of the 2 short seasons. There hve been 18 short seasons played and only 3 have managed to do it. There is a 83% chance that the league leader will not win the playoffs

    1. Verano 98 Toluca
    2. Verano 99 Toluca
    3. Verano 00 Toluca

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