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Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by Paul Nasta, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Paul Nasta

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    Oct 16, 2001
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    It seems that NJSEA/Champions World will try to promote several big international friendlies per year, to generate revenue during the summer.

    While the Metros are still at GS, these friendlies won't directly compete with Metros' games. But in 2004, when the Metros are playing in Harrison (that'll happen, right?), NJSEA could stage a Real Madrid - Roma match at the same time the Metros are playing an MLS match 10 miles away.

    Doesn't the USSF have to sanction any international match held in the U.S., and what if, in order to protect MLS, the USSF refused to permit a friendly which might hurt the Metros' attendance?

    I believe there was a similar conflict in LA, where the LA Coliseum wanted to stage matches involving Mexican teams at the same time the Galaxy were playing. Somebody went to court over it, but I never heard the result.

    Anyone have any thoughts, or information?
  2. Viking64

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    Feb 11, 1999
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    Yes, I think you are right. I know that USSF gets a cut of the money from every game like that. It's not trivial either. They also have the assumed the right to deny the games. And as far as I know, that's what has happened in LA where they have crapped on the Colesium.

    But the NJSEA is a lot more powerful than the Colesium. So I doubt that USSF will want to deny NJSEA a game, because that might be grounds to sue. USSF doesn't need to kill a steady source of their income.

    The jerk offs that run NJSEA can TRY to have 5 games a season, but Real Madrid isn't going to play in all five. Neither is Roma, or Celtic, or ManU, or any other of the big boys. Under the unified calendar, they won't be quick to do them all the time. And once people use up their soccer money, attendence will drop.

    I'm sure plenty of those 70,000 came from 3 states away or more. Hell I'd have come from Texas if I had the money, and plenty of people do. But that is a universe away from MLS.

    Which is shy NJSEA is so full of $H!T. They HAVE the money to market their ONE TIME games. Comparing the marketing of that game to anything MLS has done is utter idiocy. Sure, MLS and SUM could spend more money on marketing, but that merely increases their losses right now. Why further enrich NJSEA when they are being bent over by them? The time for SUM and MLS to truly market MLS, is when they get the money. Right now, they don't.

    If I'm MLS, I'm redoubling my efforts to get out of NJSEA as soon as possible.
  3. Brownswan

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    Jun 30, 1999
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    When we pull out of GS can we take the trays with us? Figo and McManaman and others thought the pitch was really poor. Wait till they play on the plastic underneath our trays!

    I don't care who is playiing at GS, if we have our home in Harrison, there's no question where I will be. If the USSF can force the international matches to midweek, so much the better, but the Euroetceteras that will run to the imports are not likely to bother with MLS anyway.

    And midweek matches mean the more broad-minded Metro fans will be able to take in both League and Circus. I'm pretty sure efforts will be made to avoid conflicts. After pulling in 70k on a Thurs night, Champion Sports can't claim they are being unfairly restrained. Maybe they can coax NJ Transit into more efficient bussing, and speed up the gate-search as well.

    WE will be well out of it, I hope.
  4. obie

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    When/if we leave GS and go to Harrison, I have no problem with the NJSEA competing with AEG for soccer friendlies. Teams will see what both venues have to offer in terms of friendlies and competitions and let them decide. Let fans see what is available and they'll decide with their dollars where they want to be.

    And I'd put my money on AEG pulling out their fair share of money in that competition. Phil didn't get so rich by letting others beat him.

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