Metros GK coach better than ManUs?

Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by Allamerican74, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Allamerican74

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    Jun 5, 2004
    Didn't really know where to place this thread but maybe the moderator will know.

    I was just thinking about something. Tim Howard came over from the Metros to Man Utd without ANY ManU coaching but with Metro coaching. He not only won the No 1 GKing position with one of the best teams in the world he was also voted the Premiership's top GK for last year. Still since about Jan of this year he has steadily declined at ManU and isn't even on the the first team any longer. His whole decline has been under ManU's "great" GK coaching. Perhaps the Metros GKing coach is actually much better? I know I'm probably grasping at straws but I think it is an interesting observation that I haven't seen mentioned here.

    BTW I'm not a Metros fan but a DC United fan!!
  2. churchill2000

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    Jul 12, 2004
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    Los Angeles Galaxy
    I was actually thinking about this, Howard wasn't special in the MLS, and in the EPL he isn't anything special, and I was thinking if Man Ure (I'm a liverpool fan) axes Howard . . . Do the Metros need Him?
    Walker is basically in the same position Howard is in, except, nobody is pushing Walker for the starting position.
    I can't come up with a decision.
  3. crusio

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    May 10, 2004
    I think Howards play was about equal in both places. Just that mistakes overthere are taken more seriously overthere and perhaps better players made him pay for them more often. Not sure about the coaching angle though, thats a tough question.
  4. bigtimebuck4

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    Oct 10, 2004
    it could be just like when a rookie hitter comes up from the minors and mashes for a month before sucking the rest of the season. Why? teams develop a book on him. Teams may not have known how to attack howard, but once they saw his weakneses, exploited them. just a thought.
  5. Allamerican74

    Allamerican74 New Member

    Jun 5, 2004

    Interesting analogy and one I thought about too but I don't think it applies in this instance.

    USvsIRELAND Member+

    Jul 19, 2004
    no offense, but thats stupid
    he's a freakin goalkeeper. You hit it in the corners, like against every other goalie.

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