Meola's Glory Days (part 2)

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    Feb 20, 2005
    Meola-Did you guys know we were once tied with Brazil in the World Cup, in our own backyard with less than 20 minutes to play. In fact I held Brazil scoreless up until that time.
    Howard-No way!
    Hedjuk-Way dude! Meola told me this story over some tasty waves and some cool buds.
    Meola-Are you guys finished...As I was saying I was stopping everything that came my way. In fact I was standing on my head stopping shots from Romario.
    Dempsey-Dog, that is so dope! You were basically breakdancing in the net.
    Meola-Whatever kid. The point I'm trying to make, is you guys got it easy today. You have real defenders. I had to do it all by myself back then.
    Balboa-I'll tell you what. That's disrepectful to me Meola.
    Dempsey-You got dissed dog!
    Meola-You going to do something about it Celo? Or are you just going to stand there, with your long greasy hair and pout.
    Onyewu-I'll do something about it! I gotchor back bro!
    Dempsey-Homeboy is going to jack his shiit up!
    Most of the players-(chant) Gooch! Gooch! Gooch! Gooch! Gooch! Gooch!
    Arena-(just walks in) Alright! Alright! What's going on? Dempsey you better not be starting a fight.
    Dempsey-Not me coach! Gooch is about to slap Meola silly.
    Gooch-Shoot! We was just playing around coach. You know I don't hit old men.
    Arena-Is that true Meola? You men were just playing around.
    Meola-Yes, Papa Bruce. I was telling them about the Glory Days and they couldn't believe we were tied 0-0 late in the game on our country's birthday mind you.
    ArenaYes, it is all true. Romario hit the post on several occasions, and Brazil were down a man due to a red card. Then Meola made a goalkeeper error and Bebeto scored, and they lost 1-0.
    Meola-Did you have to be so blunt Papa.
    Balboa-(smiling from ear to ear)-I'll tell you what, that's exactly what happened.
    Wynalda-That and Tabby's head came apart like a coconut.
    Arena-All right guys, enough of the horror and gore stories. Let's get on the field and play some soccer.
    Dempsey-(after Arena left the locker room) Shiit would of been cool, if you would of cracked Meola's head Gooch.
    Gooch-Nah, I wasn't going punch him. I was just going to let him know what's up, like when I made Borghetti my biitch.
    Dempsey-I heard that cus'. (then Dempsey and Gooch start rappin).

    to be continued......
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    Aug 26, 2005
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    does Kasey just sit there? does he bring up his shutout against Brazil? It may have made for a better read.
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    Sep 17, 2002
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    can't wait for part 3... :D
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    Feb 20, 2005
    Just for you Soccerprep.
    (just walking inside the locker room after practice)
    Dempsey-Shiit dog, coach worked our asss off!
    Beasley-yo, my balls are sweatin' like a motherfcker!
    Onyewu-I don't think coach appreciated you pissin on Landy's leg.
    Donovan-Him, what about me? I'm going to get you back, big time DMB.
    (as they make their way into the locker room, they see Keller standing in a suit chewing gum, with a smirk on his face.)
    Dempsey-Well look who's back from Germany. Pimp Dog!
    Donovan-Everybody bow to the almighty Kasey.
    (everybody bows that is present. In walks some more players.)
    Howard-Yo Kasey, lookin' sharp! Where did you get the new threads?
    Dempsey-You mean Bling, Bling!
    Keller-You know they pay me bank over there boys. They even gave me a castle.
    Beasley-He ain't lie'n. But I got me more hoe's in Holland than I know what to do with.
    Onyewu-Them Belgium Bitches ain't bad either.
    Dempsey-Shitt! Bring your bitches and hoe's to Kasey's castle, and let's have a party.
    (Meola comes into the scene)
    Meola-Kids, Kids, calm down. Kasey isn't into that. He's too busy trying to erase my legacy.
    Onyewu-This mofo doesn't know when to quit.
    Keller-It's o.k. Gooch I know how to handle Tony.
    Meola-Just like you handled Brittish Brad.
    Hedjuk-Brad's a loser dude. He quit soon as he heard he wasn't going to be top dog.
    Meola-Stay out of it stoner. This is between us men. Come on Kasey. Let's settle this between the pipes. Take your fancy suit off, and get into gear.
    Keller-Alright Tony, you want to play, will play.
    Dempsey(acting like Al Pacino in Scarface) Say hello to my little friend!
    Howard-Man, Meola's going to get schooled.
    Hahnemann-(shouting) Hey Tony! Remember what Kasey did to Brazil.
    Donovan-(shouting) Hey Kasey, you got a long distance call from Brazil. It's Romario, saying your way better then Tony.(Donovan laughs at his own joke and so does the other players including Keller).
    KellerTell him thanks, but I'm going to prove to this sausage, that I'm still king.

    to be continued.........
  5. Soccerprep

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    Aug 26, 2005
    Lafayette, LA
    Manchester United FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    i should feel special, you did that all just for me :)

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