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Discussion in 'USA Men: World Cup Fans & Travel' started by korey, Jan 3, 2006.

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    Does anyone know if they're gonna be strict on how many people are staying in a single hotel room. For instance, I'm heading to the WC w/ 5 friends, and we have no problem crashing on the floor. We've had to fit 9 people in a hotel room before (the smell was treacherous). If I book a room for 2 people, and we sleep 6 in there, are they gonna let us do that? We've always gotten away with it in the states, although sometimes it required some sneaking in...

    Anyone have any knowledge they could pass onto me on the matter? Thanks!
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    Depends on the hotel, but I'm guessing some may be stricter than normal during the cup.
  3. nowherenova

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    6 in one room may be a bit obvious. Now if it were 3 in a double I doubt they would even care, unless you were causing a fuss.

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