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Discussion in 'Germany' started by olafgb, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. olafgb

    olafgb New Member

    Jun 6, 2001
    Dortmund vs Hannover 6:2
    1:0 Ewerthon (35 Ricken)
    2:0 Ricken (42 Ewerthon)
    3:0 Kehl (57 Ricken)
    3:1 Vinicius (58 Krupnikovic)
    4:1 Koller (65 Ewerthon)
    5:1 Ewerthon (76 Dede)
    6:1 Koller (77 Kehl)
    6:2 Wolf (85 Kleber)

    Shots on goal were 12-13, but you can’t win with such a defence…

    1860 vs Frankfurt 1:0
    1:0 Lauth (90 pk, Lauth)

    Game winner with a donated last-minute-pk in a poor game.

    Wolfsburg vs Rostock 3:1
    1:0 Klimowicz (31 Karhan)
    2:0 Baiano (39 Karhan)
    2:1 Rydlewicz (41 Lantz)
    3:1 Baiano (67 D’Alessandro)

    Yellow-Red: Plassnegger (87/Rostock)

    Rostock was superior at the start, but Wolfsburg took control when they scored with their first chance.

    Cologne vs Freiburg 1:0
    1:0 Dogan (70 Lottner)

    A free kick decides this poor game.

    Berlin vs Leverkusen 1:4
    0:1 Franca (11 Ponte)
    1:1 Bobic (47 Lapaczinski)
    1:2 Berbatov (54 Franca)
    1:3 Schneider (72 Ponte)
    1:4 Babic (86 Bastürk)

    Red: Lapaczinski (50/Hertha), Placente (62/Bayer)

    Deserved score – more than a quarter of the season is played, Berlin is last ranked; one UEFA cup round against a Polish no name is played, Berlin is out – the fans are fed up, placards like “We leave if Stevens doesn’t leave” were in the stadium. Even Hoeneß’ trust in Stevens seems to fade now – and this in the week, in which he hired Stevens’ unskilled son for the marketing section of the club…

    Gladbach vs Bayern 0:0

    Rather weak last traditional game between the 70s legends Gladbach and Bayern at the Bökelberg Stadium. Gladbach could have collected more than a point, but also Bayern got a pk refused in one of their few attacks.

    Bremen vs Stuttgart 1:3
    0:1 Szabics (31 Hinkel)
    0:2 Kuranyi (34 Hleb)
    1:2 Charisteas (59 Ernst)
    1:3 Tiffert (90 Hleb)

    PK saved: Reinke vs Hleb (40)
    Yellow-Red: Bordon (87 delay of game)

    Hildebrand’s record stays with 884 minutes after Charisteas scored (illegally) 45 seconds after his substitution. Stuttgart scored with the first two chances against a dominant Werder and carried home a lucky win.
  2. JeffS

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    Oct 15, 2001
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    Everton FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    A tremendous talent like Lauth needs to get out of 1860, or 1860 has to get better. I fear his talents are being wasted there - he's getting no service and his team struggles for posession.

    I can't wait for Hoeness's whining in the press! ;)

    I hardly consider Stuttgart lucky. They are playing some of the best football in Europe right now. Their young players are excellent, they are extremely well organized, and they play hard for the full 90 minutes. Sure, Bremen had more of the attack, but it's goals that count in the end. :)
  3. olafgb

    olafgb New Member

    Jun 6, 2001
    Schalke vs Bochum 0:2
    0:1 Fahrenhorst (65 Oliseh)
    0:2 Diabang (79 ?)

    Bochum took the two chances they had.

    Kaiserslautern vs Hamburg 4:0
    1:0 Mettomo (37 Anfang)
    2:0 Klose (62 pk Klose)
    3:0 Timm (74 Lokvenc)
    4:0 Klose (76 Dominguez)

    HSV still trusts Jara.
  4. gottahavenutella

    gottahavenutella New Member

    Oct 18, 2003

    did anybody see the game between Gutersloh and Arminia (Am)? Was there really 3 red cards?
  5. olafgb

    olafgb New Member

    Jun 6, 2001
    Re: gutersloh

    How do you know about that game? I haven't been there as I attended FCG's women's game (reason would be too complex to explain... let's cut it to 'old promise' and 'silly management'). But it's indeed true, three Arminia players were ejected and still Gütersloh was unable to win (1-1).
  6. Basti

    Basti New Member

    May 9, 2002
    I didn't watch any of the games this weekend but catched the highlights of the Bremen-Stuttgart match

    I was impressed with Hinkel and his lead up to the assist of the first goal, eventhough it was sloppy defending to begin with.
  7. gottahavenutella

    gottahavenutella New Member

    Oct 18, 2003
    Re: Re: gutersloh

    I kind of know both Tom Poltl and Ryan Coiner. I notice that you are a Gutersloh fan. They were both hoping to be cleared to play against each other, but of course neither were. German Buracracy is crazy. Anyway, I was just hoping that they would both be able to begin their careers in Germany, but of course this has not happened yet.
    I am not that familiar with German soccer, especially the lower leagues. But the reason I knew about the game was that I was trying to read the German websites and see how the maybe future teams of my fellow California boys were doing.
    Too bad you missed the game, but as I understand it there are many, many games in a European season so I am sure there will be plenty more for you. Best of luck to Gutersloh. Are you affiliated with Gutersloh, or just a fan?

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