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    Jun 6, 2001
    Hertha vs Hannover 2:3
    1:0 Bobic (14 Kovac)
    2:0 Bobic (21 Mladenov)
    2:1 Simak (25 Krupnikovic)
    2:2 Kleber (69 Christiansen)
    2:3 de Guzman (80 Cherundolo)

    Odd game. Hertha dominated from the start and made Hannover look very bad in the defence. The game shifted with the 2:0, from that point on only 96 was playing and Berlin collapsed. Kleber scored in his first Bundesliga game, the game winning goal was a North American co-production.

    Rostock vs Bochum 0:2
    0:1 Hashemian (47 Madsen)
    0:2 B Gudjonsson (90 Buckley)

    Deserved win for Bochum on the road. Bjarni Gudjonsson scored his first Bundesliga goal into the empty net after Rostock’s goalie Schober rushed to the offence at a standard situation.

    Leverkusen vs Hamburg 1:0
    1:0 Juan (28 Ponte)

    Leverkusen clearly was the better team and just missed to score further goals. Franca scored a second in the final minute, but the ref called it back due to offside and was wrong. The only counting goal resulted from a free kick and a hesitating goalie Pieckenhagen.

    Wolfsburg vs Bayern 3:2
    1:0 Baiano (11 Rytter)
    1:1 Schweinsteiger (49 -)
    1:2 Makaay (63 Scholl)
    2:2 Baiano (83 Weiser)
    3:2 Klimowicz (89 Karhan)

    First win ever for Wolfsburg against Bayern. Last second transfer Baiano had a dream debut in the Bundesliga, although the first goal resulted in one of Kahn’s worst mistakes of his career. Schweinsteiger and Makaay both scored their first Bundesliga goal.

    1860 vs Cologne 2:1
    1:0 Kioyo (7 Schroth)
    1:1 Springer (61 Lottner)
    2:1 Agostino (83 Schwarz)

    1860 is the surprise team of the Bundesliga start. A late goal cared for the win today, but a point for Cologne wouldn’t have been deserved. Kioyo scored against his ex-team mates in his first Bundesliga start; Agostino scored the game winner in his 100th Bundesliga game – his first goal since 18 months.

    Schalke vs Stuttgart 0:0

    Schalke was the better team, but also they weren’t able to score against Stuttgart. Hildebrand is new all-time-record holder for the longest time without goal against from the start of the season with currently 450 minutes.

    Dortmund vs Bremen 2:1
    1:0 Ewerthon (17 -)
    1:1 Lisztes (42 Ismael)
    2:1 Ismael (69 own goal)

    Good game that could have ended in all possible directions. A very curious own goal decided the game. The attendance was 81.000 – for the first time since the 60s or early 70s that more than 80.000 attended a game.
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    May 9, 2002
    ... well at least Makaay scored his first goal :)
  3. olafgb

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    Jun 6, 2001
    Yesterday’s Games:

    Gladbach vs Frankfurt 0:2
    0:1 Kreuz (17 Nikolov)
    0:2 Bürger (90 Frommer)

    Lautern vs Freiburg 2:2
    0:1 Coulibaly (21 -)
    1:1 Hristov (32 Timm)
    1:2 Zeyer (35 Bajramovic)
    2:2 Hristov (38 Grammozis)

    Team of the Day:
    Wessels (2) – Wörns, Lucio (3), Juan (4) – De Guzman, Hristov, Simak, Coulibaly (2), Ernst (2) – Bobic, Fernando Baiano

    Player of the Day: Fernando Baiano

    Top Striker: Martin Max, 6 goals
    Top Scorer: Martin Max, 7 points
    Top Rated Goalies: 1 Wessels, 2 Hildebrand and Reinke
    Top Rated Field Players: 1 Juan, 2 Pizarro, 3 Ze Roberto

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