Maryland vs. Duke (R)

Discussion in 'College & Amateur Soccer' started by LuvDaBears, Sep 21, 2003.

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    Sep 4, 2002
    Maryland wins 2-0 on first half goals by Abe Thompson and Domenic Mediate. Here's my take on this one.

    Very physical game...dirty at times...and lots of yellows handed out. Sasho was close to being tossed at one point when the ref (who was a real bonehead) gave the Md. team a yellow for stalling. Terrible call, because they were simply waiting for the ball boy to get them a game ball to put in play. Sasho started going ballistic, and nearly got tossed.

    Maryland took control right away at both ends of the field. The Terps back four was really really solid...I thought Stammler and Goodson did an excellent job of holding off Duke's Owoicho Adogwa who was dangerous. Trouble is for Duke, he was the only dangerous player in home whites today. But, Maryland's defense was rock solid.

    The Terps midfield also controlled the game...Herrera and Buete owned the center of the park. Palmer very solid in goal. Maryland led 2-0 at the half.

    The second half was pretty uneventful for both teams. It seemed like Duke was simply going through the motions in the second half, but I also believe they were "Rennie'd."

    Adogwa was Duke's only scoring threat the whole game, and with about 17 minutes left in the game, Rennie pulled him out. I'm sorry...the kid did not look tired, and he was having a good match...and Rennie yanks him. After that, Duke never even thought about threatening.

    Rennie made several subs, but early in the second half, Duke looked real tired...several players looked out of shape to me. Duke started two tall guys at center mid, Blake Camp and Chris Loftus....and they were not good....especially Camp who lost the ball repeatedly and looked like he was wearing lead boots. Loftus is tall, and that's it. Kyle Helton looked decent in the back for did Danny Miller. There was a kid who played outside back for Duke last year who was pretty good...I think a national teamer...and he's not even listed on their roster. Anybody know what happened to that kid?

    Rennie just doesn't motivate his troops from what I've seen...and this Duke team just doesn't play with any passion. Senior Jordan Cila had one of those games where he just flat disappeared. This former national teamer is a huge underachiever IMO, and he was a huge non-factor today.

    I think Duke's best overall player is Ian Carey...the sophomore midfielder came off the bench and did some nice things...but why is he coming off the bench?

    Duke is not good....especially their coaching.
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    Pretty good assessment. Duke were outclassed in almost every aspect of the game and if UMD had wanted to press harder after they went up 2-0, they could have had more. Duke had absolutely no answer for the UMD defending, and were just way too narrow and unidimensional. Virtually every ball went up the middle to Loftus, who would flick the ball on to nobody in particular (largely because the rest of Duke were virtually static). Of course, it also was clear that UMD had more skill on the ball, and were especially creative in and around the box. That said, the first UMD goal from the free kick was utter BS, given for an obvious dive. Duke also squandered two golden chances very early on, the best being when Cila(?) rounded the keeper and had an open net, only to get the ball tangled underfoot, givng the UMD defender a chance to recover and lear his shot off the line.
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    Feb 13, 2001
    Here's the release from Maryland.

    The Terps are going to be very tough when both these guys score. If Mediate produces, it just makes Thompson that much more dangerous.

    Sounds like he was justified this time. It's always a hoot when Sasho loses his cool, so I think that it can be unproductive sometimes and detrimental to his team.

    That's what you like to see good teams do against an inferior opponent.

    The Terps' D has given up just one goal in seven games this year. Stamler's pro stock is rising fast and Goodson's is probably even higher 'cause of the whole 6-4 thing.

    Herrera might be the best comeback story in college soccer this year. Reclaiming his starting job after no one left from a Final Four team is not easy. It would have been easy for him to be content to accept a reserve role as a senior but he is showing he wants more.

    As much sh!t as we give Tarantini, Sash, Big Game George, Elmar and Elite Eight Adair, I think it's Rennie who has underachieved the most of late and who seems to have been passed by. I mean, State sucks but there facilites do too whereas Duke has all of Duke going for it and has just become a mediocre program.

    I wonder, if the admininstration in Durham would be willing to make a change if they thought that an accomplished, and available, alum like Mike Jeffries would take over the program.

    The only thing I'll say in defense of Cila is that he's made no secret that he's at Duke for the education so as long as he gets his degree, that's what college sports are supposed to be about.

    But at the same time, for someone who came in with all the accolades and expectations that Cila did, his college career, as a player, has certainly been disapointing.

    I guess Carey is Rennie's new Trvor Perea, who was good enough to make youth national teams and stick in MLS but who Rennie couldn't see fit to start regularly.
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    Sep 4, 2002
    Those are good points. The direct kick that Thompson scored from 19 yards out was a beauty, but the referee's call was horrendous as you say. One thing never changes about college soccer, the officiating is suspect at best.

    Duke just looked really flat to me....and that's hard to believe given this was the #1 team in the nation, and a conference game.

    I'll predict that Duke will finish LAST in the ACC. That's right, BEHIND NC State. Duke's midfield is weak, other than Carey who can really play.

    If I was Rennie, I would put Loftus in the back to use that 6-5 frame, and move Danny Miller into the midfield.
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    Nov 21, 2000
    fouls, cars, fouls, cards....

    Good report by LDB and assessments by Sandon so it doesn't leave me much to say but here's a couple of points from the game.

    There was absolutely no flow to the game with 60 plus fouls called and 7 cards handled out in a game that wasn't very dirty. The center official really sucked, if he had given a couple of early cards players on both teams would have understood and we would have had a much better game. Sash went off when Kenny Bertz got a delay of game card for taking a cup of water while waiting for the ball kids to get him a ball. Quoting here, "put that card back in your pocket and leave it there" but he said it at a moment when everyone could hear it.
    I thought Duke played hard and came out trying to be physical to compensate for the talent difference of the two teams. Coach Rennie was quoted after the game as being happy with his team's play. He thought they created chances, played well defensively and are really improving with each game. I assume a lot of this is spin considering that they have not won in their last five games.

    I though UMD played okay, a 2-0 win on the road in the ACC is a solid performance any time. Again GK Palmer had almost nothing to do in turning away two soft shots on goal. The backline didn't give too many looks at the goal and controlled play as we have come to expect. There were a couple of good little battles between Goodson (6' 4") and Duke's Loftus (6' 5") that Goodson won but I don't think either had played against anyone near their own size in awhile. Loftus is a project but he has some potential.

    UMD comes away with no serious injuries and a victory so now they prepare to host George Mason Wednesday night. Good job Terps!
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    Re: Re: Maryland vs. Duke (R)

    It is always amusing when Sasho blows his lid (at least it was when I was there). About half the time is was justified as well, IMO.

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