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    Sep 5, 2005
    Not only has this Island produced a number of quality footballers or at least quality footballers who would be eligible to represent them if they were a FIFA member (Abidal, Anelka, Marlet, Zebina, Coridon, and (I think) Henry ) but it actually has the third best record behind Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica in the Caribbean cups in which it is authorised to take part...they've actually won once (1993) and been in the semi finals on three occasions in the 15 year or so history of the tournament.
    They've also made 2 Gold Cups I believe...

    Is there anyone who thinks that a full fledged FIFA Martinique would raise the level of competition in the Caribbean, and by extension CONCACAF.

    I probably know more about the French DOM TOM system than anyone who frequents this part of big soccer, but my GF (yes she's Martiniquan) was asking me under what conditions it would be possible for Martinique to become a FIFA member without a full fledged change in its political status...I mean, NEw Caledonia only became a FIFA member just the other day although its political status hasn't at all changed.

    Any thoughts?
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    May 1, 2005
    I love Martinique , I saw them play the Gold cup in 2000 I belive, and they have a pretty nice Stadium.
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    Nov 16, 2003
    Well, there's the issue of the "Home Countries": England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales (Ireland later split into Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland), originally one "United Kingdom", now two nations with 5 FAs. UEFA includes all 5 teams, as well as the Faroe Islands (part of Denmark).
    The US Virgin Islands entered a team in CONCACAF, I don't know that Puerto Rico did, but they probably could):
    Group 10: 18.02-04 St.Thomas US VIRGIN Is. 0-4 ST.KITTS & NEVIS
    A.Huggins 26 I.Lake 50,64 G.Isaac 62
    31.03-04 Basseterre ST.KITTS & NEVIS 7-0 US VIRGIN Is.
    I.Lake 12,38,47,57,72 G.Isaac 81,89
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    May 31, 2000
    Doesn't it have to come down to France's opinion? I believe they treat all of their overseas territories as part of France proper when it comes to football. Meaning Martinique, Guadeloupe, and French Guyana (am I forgetting anyone?) are considered part of the FFF. It's harder to understand this concept for a couple reasons: 1) Martinique is still allowed to play in CONCACAF events (I assume the other two are allowed as well) and 2) other countries overseas territories/protectorates FA's are allowed to operate freely of the motherland's.

    In regards to the USVI and Puerto Rico, they both have their own FA's separate from the USSF. They're free to enter qualification whenever they want, although I'm not sure why Puerto Rico didn't do so for '06. Either way it looks like they have things in a bit more order there now as they just played a friendly not too long ago.
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    I think the New Caledonia example is right on point. Both Martinique and New Caledonia have the same political status. So if New Caledonia received permission from the FFF to become a FIFA member, I would assume that any other Department has a similar chance (although Martinique seems to have a longer history of associate membership than New Caledonia did so maybe the FFF is less willing to agree to a change). Also, I wonder how that would impact players such as Piquionne who have played in CONCACAF competitions for Martinique. Will he lose eligibility for France? Also, I believe that Piquionne has ties to New Caledonia as well. Could he play for New Caledonia now?

    Btw, I'm pretty sure Henry has Guadeloupe ancestry.
  6. DominicanStrikeForce

    May 1, 2005

    My 1st opinion is that there must be a reason (financial?) why Martinique is not a part of FIFA already, I mean soccer is probably the no. 1 sport there and would have the support of the nation. There are nation's that are FIFA registered and soccer is not no. 1 by far ( like the DR and others).

    My 2nd opinion is, its a damn shame that the players you mentioned probably would never play for Martinique, as the same for Owen Hargraves ( Canada) or the many fine Dutch players like Kluivert and Seedorf who are born in Surinam. I will never understand why winning or fame or money takes over your national true pride!
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    Sep 5, 2005
    Your first point is inexact. New Caledonia is a TOM (Over seas Teritory) while Martinique is a DOM (Over Seas Department). Toms are closer to associated states or protectorates. DOMS are kind of what Hawaii is to the US...a non contiguous part of the US sovereign territory. I brought up New Caledonia because they only recently became a FIFA member although they've had and continue to have the same political status for years. Therefore I imagine that their not being a member before had nothing to do with their political status. I was just using it to illustrate that they were able to become a FIFA member without any political implications...

    I think that the hypothetical example of Piquionne can be likened to that of several international footballers after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. I believe FIFA gave them the choice of the country they wanted to play for after the break up.

    Vis a vis Henry, I saw that on the French Football federation site, but i thought it was an error...the way Henry was outspoken about playing the costa rica match in homage to the martiniquan victims and the way my gf goes on and on abut him, i figured he was Martiniquan.
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    Dec 21, 2005
    I'm Pretty sure Henry's parents are from Guadeloupe and not Martinique. Here's a list of footballers in Europe who have either Guadeloupe or Martinique origins.

    Lilian Thuram, Thierry Henry, Sylvain Wiltord, William Gallas
    Olivier Dacourt, Mickael Sylvestre, Louis Saha, Bernard Diomede
    Franck Sylvestre, Peggy Arphexad, Sylvain Distan, David Sommeil
    Jean Pierre Cyprien, Pascal Chimbonda, Willy Gueret, Bernard Lambourde
    Olivier Facconier, Ronald Zubar, Franck Grandel, Miguel Comminges
    Jocelyn Angloma*.

    Nicolas Anelka, Eric Abidal, Phillipe Christianval, Jonathan Zebina
    Stephane Dalmat, Wilfred Dalmat, Pierre Fanafan, Peter Luccin
    Charles Edouard Coridon, Sebastie Carole, Maurice Bellay, Fabrice Pancrate
    Frederic Piquionne, Mickael Citony, Ludovic Clement, Luigi Glombard
    Olivier Rambo, Eddy Harlie, Joan Hartock, Olivier Thomert
    Eric Remi Mareval, Fabrice Reuperne, Christian Negouai
    David Alexandre Dicanot, Jacques Olivier Paviot, Ted Kelton Agasson
    David Regis(played for USA)

    I think this is fairly accurate. I'm not entirely sure on two or three. Imagine the teams they could have if they could field these players(apart from the french national team players of course!!).
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    Sep 5, 2005
    pretty old thread, but just thought i'd fix something. Apparently, Henry's father is guadeloupean and his mother is martiniquan... Not sure which island he feels 'closer' to.

    Take your pick
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