Mandy Clemens sighting?!

Discussion in 'NWSL' started by SmagicS, Nov 29, 2004.

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    May 23, 2003
    Since there seems to be no life on the CyberRays board, I figured I'd pose this question here. Has anyone seen/heard from Mandy since the league folded? I know she did the Batchelor thing but she seems to have disappeared since. I've Google'd her and can't find any recent mentions of her playing or coaching anywhere. Tell me how can a former Collegiate Player of the Year not be part of the WNT or have a more prominent role somewhere in women's soccer? They don't get more talented or commited than Amanda Kate; I was sad when she left Philly but was even sadder when she was left off of the WNT (April couldn't pick a quality player if one kicked her in the a**. Maybe Coach K's appointment is step to taking over the WNT.)

    If anyone knows of her whereabouts, I'd appreciate any info. I'd really like to see what she's up to. Thanks!!
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    Jul 14, 2000
    On my bike
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    Mandy played for the WPSL team, the San Diego WFC this past season and according to Scott Dreher, the team's Operations Director, Mandy could be back in a SeaLions unifrom again next spring.

    It was too bad that more people didn't come out to watch Mandy play for the SeaLions this past season. Mandy always took her time to greet the fans after the home matches at Hoover High and really went out of her way to be friendly to everyone. San Diego also had a very good season finishing in a tie for first place with Denver in the Southern Division and was also undefeated at home.

    Here is the link to San Diego WFC thread (the discussion about Mandy joining the club starts on page 3):

    Here is also a link to an article in the San Diego U-T about the San Diego WFC that has a picture of Mandy in action playing for the SeaLions:
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    The SDWFCs official team website has a gallery of pictures that includes some of Mandy in action... Gallery Page Link

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