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    From the web site.

    Mike Magee joined the U.S. Under-17 full-time residency program in 2000 and quickly blossomed into one of the team’s top offensive threats. Magee, who scored in the 2001 FIFA Under-17 World Championship against eventual champion France, finished his Under-17 career with six goals in 14 internationals. Since then, he decided to forego college and turn pro, but instead of following U-17 teammates Jordan Stone, Ed Johnson, Santino Quaranta and Justin Mapp to Major League Soccer, Magee decided to try his luck in Europe.

    In his own words, here is Magee’s take on his time in Europe and his upcoming pro career …
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    lpt -

    Please don't post complete articles (or large chunks) from other websites. Links (and short quotes) only please.

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