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    Oct 3, 2008
    One member of our six-person SA crew backed out, so we're looking for somebody to fill his spot. Our group is renting a condo in Morningside, Sandton (Joburg suburb) the nights of June 11-23. The place looks nice (unfortunately, the Craigslist ad expired, so I can't link to photos now) and has 24-hour security. Of the five of us already in, three of us are on this message board and the other two are my old roommate and his wife, who will be with us for the first USA game and then taking off to Cape Town for four days, giving us extra space.

    Anyway, we had to wire a 50% deposit to secure the place, and I did so at the end of December. Each person's 50% share is $456. (When we pay the rest upon arrival, it should be more like $400 apiece, as we got hosed by Bank of America on the exchange rate.) Regardless, we're talking $65-70 per night, which is quite the deal. If you are interested, let me know ASAP. I will need you to PayPal me the $456.

    As far as getting around, excursions, etc., we are looking into getting a rental car. (I drive stick and am willing to be the designated driver if nobody else knows how.) We plan on doing a trip up to Sun City for some gambling fun one day, but other than that we have nothing set in stone.

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