Looking for an on-line site to buy Everton gear?

Discussion in 'Everton' started by HogDaddy, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. HogDaddy

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    Mar 27, 2001
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    Can anyone recommend an on-line site to buy Everton gear? I'm looking for anything Everton related: Shirts, scarfs, replica kits, posters, caps, etc.

    The BigSoccer shop has one poster and the gold 3rd shirt. that's it. The poster seems like a nice deal, but they don't even have the blue primary shirt. I couldn't find anything on toffeeweb or thru evertonfc or efcsna.

    The local shops don't have anything. I was at the Everton v Crew match last month. I was hoping Everton would have a booth set up to sell some merchandise, but nothing. I think that was an opportunity to make a few pounds that they missed out on.

    I tried evertonfc.com earlier and couldn't find much. I can't even get into their site to try again.

    Come on you Blues fans, help a guy out. Where can I go to find decent Everton stuff at a decent price?
  2. Forever Everton

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    Aug 21, 2006
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    Check the Official Everton shop if you can't find anything your lookin for the try subside.us.com or unisport.dk
  3. chifirefan

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    Apr 20, 2000
    Did you try this?


    ...click on 06/07 Replica shirts. There appears to be plenty there.

    <rant on>
    As for EFC bringing gear with them to sell in the US, all I can say is that they have messed up 4 prime marketing opportunities now to spread the "brand name". They brought NOTHING with them to Houston in '04 (2 matches) and NOTHING with them to Columbus or Dallas.

    What kills me is that the shirts for this season were available online and at JJB outlets three-four weeks prior to them leaving for the States. Why couldn't someone send, say, 300 shirts in various kids/adult sizes to each venue and have some local soccer team sell the shirts at a table or incorporate EFC stuff into the local clubs, i.e. Dallas/Crew, souvenier shops? It seems SOOO simple.

    Or maybe you don't even send this season's shirts. You just send the 05/06 jerseys that are on discount on various websites and retail outlets. That way you get rid of old inventory AND you spread the Everton "word".

    Send some scarves (50 to each location), car flags, t-shirts (100 total), when things are sold out, they're sold out.

    My point is that it seems like the simple things are the things that Everton gets wrong. In Houston, everyone wanted Everton gear. In Columbus, everyone was asking about Everton gear, I can only assume that those that went to Dallas, were asking about Everton gear.

    Next time they come to the US, they can send me the gear and I'll bring a card table and a lock box and sell the stuff in the parking lot. No charge. And they get all the money. It's as simple as that.
    </rant off>

    Good luck finding this year's top, Hogdaddy.
  4. CobrasCiudadJuarez

    Jul 16, 2003
    El Paso

    I was looking for some jerseys and other things earlier this year.....I went to the shop online, but the shipping price was a little too expensive for me. So I recently just got the Yellow one from the big soccer shop, with name and everything it came out to like 83 dollars, which is a little less than what I had taken to spend at the Dallas game.

    Might want to try Subside sports, they always got cool sales going on.

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