Long Winter Ahead... Whats in on CD Player/Radio

Discussion in 'Chicago Fire' started by mouseboy33, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. murtaugh29

    murtaugh29 New Member

    Oct 4, 2004
    roja LOCURA
    I always knew I liked you for a reason, Pat. :)
  2. quakesfan209

    quakesfan209 Member

    Nov 17, 2004
    San Jose Earthquakes
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    United States
    i just hope there is some good news for san jose during the offseason.

    nick cave and the bad seeds abattoir blues/the lyre of orpheus
    a perfect circle emotive
    mortiis the grudge
    babyland the finger
    radiohead kid a
    zolof the rock & roll destroyer the popsicle ep
    cattle decapitation humanure
    john trudell tribal voice
    public enemy muse sick-n-hour-mess age
    pig destroyer terrifyer
    star wars trilogy soundtrack
    jesu hearache
    lamb of god ashes of the wake
    jin-roh soundtrack

  3. Glenwood Lane United

    Apr 28, 2001
    Hanover Park, IL
    Chicago Fire
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    United States
    Badlees. "Angeline is Coming Home" got a lot of airplay on a Kenosha station, so i took a chance on River Songs, and liked it. I picked up Up Here, Down Thre, and didn't find it anywhere near as good.

    Clarks. "On Saturday" was on a WXRT sampler, so I ended up getting "Another HAppy Ending". Only listened to it once so far, and I thought it wasn't bad. I'll have to increase the rotation on it.
  4. partycentral

    partycentral Member

    Nov 10, 2003
  5. Es Brennt

    Es Brennt Member+

    Feb 25, 2003
    Shermer, Illinois
    Chicago Fire
    Handsome Boy Modeling School - White People

    Fred Wesley and the J.B.'s - scored a plethora of MP3 jams.
  6. prk166

    prk166 BigSoccer Supporter

    Aug 8, 2000
    Med City
    Pig destroyer?
  7. Es Brennt

    Es Brennt Member+

    Feb 25, 2003
    Shermer, Illinois
    Chicago Fire
    Pig Destroyer blows, don't you know Cattle Decapitation is where it's at?!!

    That guys list makes me wanna puke (except for P.E. and Nick Cave)
    Either that guy is a moron with bad taste in music, or the drugs in Cali must be kickin!
    I'm saying either way is a safe bet.
    Somebody put him on the possible future serial killer list ok?
  8. BillQ

    BillQ New Member

    Oct 11, 1999
    Chicago, IL
    "Mind if We Make Love To You" by The Wondermints.
  9. mouseboy33

    mouseboy33 New Member

    Dec 24, 2003
    Listening to the longest running and most influential dance radio programme Pete Tongs' Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1. Listen LIVE at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/listen/

  10. Dave Brull

    Dave Brull Member

    Mar 9, 2001
    Mayfield Hts, Ohio
    Columbus Crew
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    United States
    Well, someone just outed themselves as a Pittsburghian(ite?) I saw Brownie Mary at the old Grog Shop in Cleveland. They still play once a year, although Kelsey went solo. Great, great band. Got "Naked" of Amazon for $4 delivered. The Clarks are great too.
  11. zverskiy yobar

    zverskiy yobar BigSoccer Yellow Card

    Mar 10, 2002
    man this thread proves every soccer basher right...

    american soccer fans are a bunch of little girls.
    even the metal you guys listed was weak and girlish.

    Motorhead and the Macclads... the soundtrack for praying to the porcelin altar
  12. DeGregorus

    DeGregorus Member

    Oct 24, 1999
    Seis Esquinas
    It's tempting to agree with this sentiment, but do give Max Roach a listen.
  13. akhman

    akhman Member

    Jun 27, 2001
    Hyde Park, MA
    This man speaks truth.

    The Clarks?!?! They make me ashamed of my hometown.

    What next? Rusted Root? *shiver*

    Music not for the weak of ear:

    Fantomas - Amenaza Al Mundo
    The Locust - Plague Soundscapes
    Secret Chiefs 3 - Hurqalya
    Miles Davis - The Jack Johnson Sessions
    Sun Ra - Interstellar Low Ways
    Charles Mingus - Blues and Roots
    Fela Anikulapo Kuti - Underground System

    And the Closet Classic: Mr Bungle's first album
  14. Hard Karl

    Hard Karl New Member

    Sep 3, 2002
    WB05 Compound
    Oh man... that Fantomas record is excellent. Talk about your superstar band.

    Also - I didn't know the locust was still putting out records.. How's the new one?
  15. Hard Karl

    Hard Karl New Member

    Sep 3, 2002
    WB05 Compound
    hey man... just this week in the car changer:

    deicide, death, darkthrone, dying fetus and celtic frost... 'rust in peace' on the tape deck in the bathroom too.

  16. Es Brennt

    Es Brennt Member+

    Feb 25, 2003
    Shermer, Illinois
    Chicago Fire
    I had neighbors who listened to those bands all the time!
    Damn dope smokin, skateboard ridin, loud at night, beer bummin, long haired, tool borrowing MF'ers!

    ....but for me, back then, the Cro-Mags - Age of Quarrel album blew all those metal bands away and made them seem silly, could never listen to "heavy" metal the same again....but I'm biased.;)

    Geez, I haven't heard those bands mentioned in so long...ha ha.
    Rock on Karl!
  17. Zitor

    Zitor New Member

    Nov 21, 2004
    I welcome myself in your thread :cool: .
    Beside musics, anyone digs audio books?
    My top 3 of the month, as a listening entertainment while driving-stuck in the traffic.
    Elvis in the morning. (10pts)
    The Savage Paradise.(9pts)
    The Zero Game.(9pts)
    Dead Lines (6pts)
  18. zverskiy yobar

    zverskiy yobar BigSoccer Yellow Card

    Mar 10, 2002
    Brilliant freaking album, nearly every Metal,Thrash and Hardcore band after them lists this record as the one that influenced them.

    the worse thing is when Bloodclot became a krishna and destroyed the whole thing." Best wishes" has to be on the worse cases of a sophmore slump.

    BTW.. the whole Age of Quarell album is availible for Download at the CroMags website.Still proving they are a cool as ******** band.. I think most of us who listened to it on a copy of a copy back in the day...
  19. zverskiy yobar

    zverskiy yobar BigSoccer Yellow Card

    Mar 10, 2002
    Other brillaint Old Skool Hardcore

    Agnostic Front -Cause for Alarm
    Kraut -An Adjustment to society

    Now lets talk Chitown ..
    Naked Raygun, Articles of Faith, Effigies....
  20. Es Brennt

    Es Brennt Member+

    Feb 25, 2003
    Shermer, Illinois
    Chicago Fire
    The only ones to stand the test of time and years of repeted play are:
    Out of Order
    Naked Raygun

    the rest were fun in their time:
    Rights of the Accused
    No Empathy
    Lost Cause
    Life Sentence
    ID Under
  21. creative_destruction

    Nov 28, 2003
    Mean people suck! :D
  22. ButlerBob

    ButlerBob Moderator
    Staff Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    Evanston, IL
    DC United
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    United States

    If you like Naked Raygun, their lead singer is in a new band called The Bomb. They are also pretty good. Back when I was in college, my roommate hosted a hard core show. So I used to listen to alot of Gang Green, JFA and GBH.
  23. budalabutt

    budalabutt Red Card

    Nov 4, 2004
    I have Sinatras greatest hits on right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. skinut

    skinut Moderator
    Staff Member

    Jun 25, 2000
    Castle Pines, CO (or often elsewhere on earth)
    Chicago Fire
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    United States
    Swing Baby!

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