Liga MX & MLS thinking of a joint league?

Discussion in 'Mexican League: News & Analysis' started by Criscutfries, Oct 16, 2018.

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    I was reading an article on ESPN about what Enrique Bonilla talked about in a some sports business summit in London. In the article it mentions some new things Liga MX planned on doing like VAR and live stats. But what I found interesting was that at the end of the article is says that Enrique Bonilla mentioned the possibility of Liga MX and the MLS doing a combined tournament together after the 2026 world cup. What do you guys think? How would this hurt or benefit teams in Liga MX?

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    This year COVID-19 pandemic has brought the 18-team Liga MX to a halt. Naturally its structure will be a little changed over the nearest time to become more similar to the USL.

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