Level of quality in MLS?

Discussion in 'MLS: Rumors' started by mlsfan31, Aug 24, 2002.

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    Has MLS leveled off in quality? Or even dropped a bit. I know we had a great World Cup but I think after the 2000 season MLS has not improved in quality. Some times I get the feeling that I’m stuck in the 2000 season. KC lost 6-1 to a Mex team and NY lost 3-1 to another MEX team. Didn’t MLS have better passing and better individual skills? I hope it isn’t the young Americans or just the foreigners are not as good.

    The old DC gave me a lot of confidence in the league they were a great team. I just don’t see that quality in the league now. MLS has a lot of good teams but no great team they could send to South or Central America. I guess LA could come close but I don’t think LA is playing as good as last year. I just don’t see us right now beating the top teams in the Mexican or South American leagues. What do you think?
  2. Jose L. Couso

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    Considering that both KC & NJ are in the lower tier of MLS right now, that is not a good way to judge the level of play in MLS.

    One also has to consider that NJ without Mathis is just NY! ;)

    The level of MLS is on par with MFL.

    Methinks that if TFC Champions Cup games had been played after the World Cup, i.e. when all the USA stars would have played, the MLS teams would have done a lot better in that competition. (of course the same argument can be made by MFL fans, but the bottom line is that the USA World Cup players were better than the MFL World Cup players, and that was proven on the field! :) )
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    I also feel we're in the 2000 season...What I think, is back when DC was great they were making the league better, every team was getting better and coming together, but they split DC up and teams had nothing to stride for anymore, cuz then it was anyones cup...San Jose is now becoming the new "DC" if you will...if they are allowed to stay together teams will keep improving to try and catch up with them...
  4. DenverFan1

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    Dec 28, 1999
    this league has a lot of parity. KC is not lower tier at 1 win away from 4th place over all. I would say that there are two lousy teams DC and New England one mediocre team Metrostars and one good team San Jose and the rest of the league are pretty much even.
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    Right now LA is not the best MLS has had, but they have no problem beating SJ. I don't think SJ is as good as DC was and if the league is getting better we should have a few teams like the old DC. And one even better to bring pride to this league. AYSO kids name thier teams MFL names MLS needs to change that by pumping up a team or two.

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