Lessons Learned from Euro 2012 for Officiating

Discussion in 'Euro 2012: Refereeing' started by Alberto, Jul 2, 2012.

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    The tournament is now over and it is time to reflect on what we have seen and to comments on the good and the bad. Also what needs improvement and change. Frankly, I was surprised on the lack of contentious and controversial decisions for the entire tournament. So different from the past two world cups.

    1. AAR's, what's the point in locating them on the same side of the field as the AR. It would make sense to locate them on the opposite side of the goal for better coverage.

    2. AAR's should position themselves to judge the ball in or out of play beyond the field of play. The center line of AAR's vision should be even or slightly off the field of play with respect to the goal line. They should not be shaded towards the field of play.
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    In my view the AAR experiment is a failure:
    - One close goal call, they got it wrong, that's the primary focus of them, yet nope, while standing right there, got it wrong.
    - We probably will never know if they added any real value with respect to calls in the PA
    - They are in the way of the AR

    If they are going to keep them, move them back to the other side, keep the CR running the normal diagonal, now you have 3 views into the PA and the AAR still has the same goal line view, but so does the AR. Now you just have to resolve the AR saying "goal" and the AAR saying "no goal".

    then again, just get rid of it and use technology for goals.
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    almost every series of soccer games I have ever seen.

    I would personally like to thank the universe for conspiring to arrange for this little bit of eden.
    The combined professionalism on the part of the referees, players and coaches was a joy to watch.
    Someone smart, please learn to bottle it.
    [and sell some to MLS :eek:]

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