La Roche College results (R)

Discussion in 'Women's College' started by Footie Man, Sep 5, 2002.

  1. La Roche 7:0 D'Youville, apparently. Att: I counted 50 or so.

    I only counted like 5 goals, but it was a bit hard to see anything with the linesman and a bunch of ball girls in the way, not to mention other fans. And it was rainy, so people had their umbrellas out. The rain really slowed things down. I guess there was something tactical in that fact though, as neither team really had problems slipping and sliding in the rain. Despite all that, we got 3 of our goals in the first 20 minutes or so. They seemed to have lots of goalkeeping problems. Not just defense in general.

    Not the greatest facility in the world. The bleachers ight be a little TOO close to the action, so when people stood up, it really messed the view up. Also, people come down hard on artificial turf, which I can unterstand in certain ways, but man, Carnegie Mellon's artificial turf beats LRC's grass any day! The field is just so bumpy! Also, to make things worse, fire station 188's (Peebles District VFC) dispatch siren is in the barn immediately outside the boundaries of the field. And unfortunately Sta. 188 got a call to help out Franklin Park-McCandless EMS on what was probably a car accident. Sometime near maybe the 70th minute. Rattled everybody in the stadium.

    Well, those are my thoughts.

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