KOREAN FOOTBALL -- Let me define what needs to be done.

Discussion in 'Asian Football Confederation' started by Korea_Fighting, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. Korea_Fighting

    Korea_Fighting Red Card

    Jun 17, 2002
    This should be permanently and deeply engraved in

    our hearts forever. Korean football represents

    something unique, something very speical on its

    own right. It is immensely powerful and

    passionate, stemming from unbreakable team

    spirit. Korean football is admirable and attack-

    oriented. As we travel together to meet at

    another time and place in four years Korean football

    and its followers must not lose what we've defined

    forever in 2002. Korean fooball now demands

    respect and earned a permanent spot in everyone's

    heart. As Korean football looks towards future with

    changing times our pride, our passion, that

    spactacular explosion of collective energy must be

    intact as solid foundation in which we must build

    on. The stone has been laid -- Forever to marvel.

  2. casualfan

    casualfan New Member

    Aug 13, 2002
    wow, i like it, i can feel the drama
  3. whip

    whip Member

    Aug 5, 2000
    Just keep that coach

    As long as KORA keep probably the best coch on the WHOLE UNIVERSE, keep that smile!
  4. skipshady

    skipshady New Member

    Apr 26, 2001
    Orchard St, NYC
    Re: Just keep that coach

    You mean the guy who's coaching at PSV Eindshoven? ;)
  5. Korea_Fighting

    Korea_Fighting Red Card

    Jun 17, 2002
    Re: Re: Just keep that coach

    It matters not where he resides. He is forever there as a Korean in our hearts. At least in my heart anyway. He is like a symbolic figure.
  6. Seoul Man

    Seoul Man Member

    Sep 17, 2001
    World Wide Web
    Nat'l Team:
    Korea Republic
    Re: Just keep that coach

    Aw, be real, he was just a hack that got lucky after the KFA bribed the refs. [​IMG]

    Kidding aside, it would be good to see Hiddink back in 2004 to take over the reins from caretaker Park and lead the encore performance in Germany 2006.

    We can't get rid of this guy even if we wanted to! It's funny that the Chinese are trying to lure him away from PSV.

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