Knockout stage--USA v. Ghana

Discussion in 'Dallas Chapter' started by dallasandre, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Well we made to the round of 16 by winning our group, great job by Team USA...DFW Outlaws have been out in great numbers and in great voice, you should be proud of yourselves
    The game against Ghana is this Saturday at 1:30PM.
    I assume the turnout will be massive, so make your plans accordingly. Our home bar is Trinity Hall on Mockingbird and that place will fill up quick so get there early...other bars we have on board to watch the game are Trinity Hall in Allen (southbound side of 75, Mcdermott exit) Chammps in Addison (Beltline and Quorem) Mckinney Ave Tavern (in the heart of uptown on Mckinney Ave and Allen) all the these places have plenty of big HD TVs for a good veiwing experience.. also all the Londoners will be showing so plan ahead and get there early and a great time
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    I'll be at Trinity Hall bro whooooooooo!!! USA!!! USA!! USA!!

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