Keep your chin up..then they can hit you harder!

Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by BigMack, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. BigMack

    BigMack New Member

    Aug 7, 2002
    East Bum
    I know I'm new to the boards and please take this in the lighthearted spirit its written. I really don't see that the Rev's are that bad (only on National TV). As a matter of fact I think that MLS has come lightyears from where it started as far as talent is concerned. Gone (mostly) are the overblown big names that came along with the start of the league and were supposed to put non-soccer educated Americans in seats. What I see is a pool (shallow as it may be!) of young American talent getting better with each game. If only a few of them make it to Europe it will open the door for others to follow.

    It seems to me that nows the time for us to throw a renewed effort behind supporting the home side, as painful as that somtimes is. I grew up in this area and have been a Sox (winner of the 1918 World Series!!) and a Patriots (I went with my Dad to Fenway to see them play) supporter for all those years with little to show for it in terms of on field success. The thing these teams have is a loyal following. Just like the Revs!

    Yes, I do belive we have a right to ask and have answered the hard questions about what has and will happen with the team. I will continue to show my displeausure with the results on the field to managment(at the last home game they took away our brown paper bags we planned on wearing over our faces because "they"re bigger than an 8 by 11 sheet of paper" ..I thinks I need a new head!). And I will continue to go to games and support and suffer..I hope not too long!

    Anyways I'm going to PEI this week on vaca and have already called the cottage owner to see if they carry FSNE for Sat's match! Cheer up, you could be going to see the Hartford Insurancemen play for last place or to the Swamp for your fix!

    Rev's forever!!(that might be how long it takes to win the Cup!)

  2. biggyv

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    May 18, 2000
    PGH PA
    I don't think anyone is suggesting that we will give up on the Revs. Nonetheless, we can piss and moan all we want about their performance. If we didn't care so much, then THAT would be a problem.
  3. Rodan

    Rodan New Member

    Feb 16, 1999
    Welcome to the boards BigMack. Anybody who chooses to jump on the band wagon when the wheels are near coming off is alright in my book.
  4. BigMack

    BigMack New Member

    Aug 7, 2002
    East Bum
    I DON'T belive that the hardcore are giving up on the Rev's. As a matter of fact it's all of your passionate posts that have drawn me to the boards!

    The thing that got me into watching football was an Italian game between Juventis and Inter in which the home fans had started to burn thier own stadium as a result of the team losing (they had 20 minutes left in the game!).

    I'm not suggesting that that would be appropriate at Stalag 13, I'm becomming VERY attached to my cup holder...and although I don't own a cell phone WHEN I get one you can be assured it will go right in that holder next to my $4.50 soda!

    Love the SpongeBob icon...perhaps we could sign Patrick to an outside leftback position. Mr Crabs and Steve Nicol...seperated at birth...think about it!

  5. Tea Men Tom

    Tea Men Tom Member

    Feb 14, 2001
    I think Crabs has been brought on as a consultant.
  6. soccertim

    soccertim Member

    Mar 29, 2001
    Did you try and carry any items into the stadium in your brown paper bag? If not, couldn't you just fold it to smaller than 8.5x11? What a bunch of goons. I wish they had told us that they were confiscating empty bags, as I would have felt much safer while watching the game.

    The first time I put my cell phone in a cell phone holder will be the time I walk away without it.

    If the team wants support from the crowds, it shouldn't be that hard to get. Most of us cheer for hard work, hustle, and a lack of really, really stupid plays. From the management, however, I'd expect actual competence, which we haven't seen.

    I think that Mr. Krabs, the penny-pincher that he is, has been in charge of the Revs budget for quite some time now.
  7. The Magpie

    The Magpie Member

    Nov 19, 1998
    Cambridge, MA
    "Anyways I'm going to PEI this week on vaca and have already called the cottage owner to see if they carry FSNE for Sat's match!"

    Check with Soccerdoc, he currently lives on PEI.

    The Magpie

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