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Discussion in 'Korea' started by GuruSky, Jun 29, 2005.

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    Jan 7, 2004
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    the voting started on the 22nd and is not over yet, but they decided to announce 1st~3rd place so far.

    Players :

    1. Lee Dong-gook (58,634)

    2. Lee Kwan-woo (58,405)

    3. Park Chu-young (58,383)

    Coaches :

    1. Cha Bum-Keun (42,324)

    2. Huh Jung-moo (31,708)

    how is Cha even being considered as an all-star coach? it's true that Suwon is suffering with injuries but they're currently sitting on the 10th place. not to mention their ACL performances where they got whooped by Shenzen.

    looking at Chunnam in K-League, Huh Jung-moo doesn't deserve his spot at the all-star game either. he did a pretty good job of rebuilding the team before the season, but he's not getting the results.

    if anything, coaches that actually deserve to be in the all-star game are Chang We-ryong of Incheon and Ian Porterfield of Busan. also, Chung Hae-sung wouldn't be a bad choice either.

    both Cha and Huh are up there because of their name value which is pathetic!

    btw, you can vote for K-League all-stars here : www.kleaguei.com/allstar/allstar.aspx
  2. sac517

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    May 23, 2005
    i voted and was displeased to find a 4-player-from-each-team limit. i was trying to vote the entire fc seoul team on (i know there are many fc seoul haters here)
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    Jul 15, 2003
    Yeah I agree that the voting on the all-star teams can be rather bizarre, but then it's generally about stars than about the best players in the league at the time. I think a similar thing happens in the baseball all-star voting but quite often the successful foreign players get overlooked in favour of Koreans.

    I would have thought that without a shadow of a doubt both Adrian Constantin Neaga (Chunnam) and Sandro Hiroshi (Daegu) would be the clear choices to lead the line for the Southern team as both have been absolutely fantastic this season but I wouldn't be surprised to see both players down the pecking order in terms of votes.

    Cha Bum-keun should be nowhere near the top of the voting as he's just not a good coach but he's the biggest name of them all on that poll so that's how he's getting the votes (the cynical could say that's how he got the Suwon job too...). I'd have Jang Woe-ryong coaching the middle team and Sergio Farias coaching the southern team.

    But it's just not worth bothering about if there's no Zoran Urumov on the list ;)

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