Just what we need: Man Ure in for Duff

Discussion in 'Premier League: News and Analysis' started by sydtheeagle, Jul 31, 2002.

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    Whether its Duff, Ferdinand, or Zidane, if you think that player will make you a better team & able to win trophies, & you can afford the fee then its not overpaying. However if that player doesn't perform & or you don't win, & you can afford the fee really, then you overpaid. United wouldn't pay the fees for Ruud, Seba, & Rio. So far they didn't overpay on Ruud, they did on Seba, & Rio we don't know. If they can afford 20million for Duff & he helps advance the cause it will be worth it.
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    Kenyon denies Duff signing

    According to The4thGame.com, Kenyon is denying that the club will be signing Duff. "There is absolutely no truth in this. The reports are wrong."

    I certainly hope so.
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    Jul 30, 2002
    ferdinand will improve the team deffo he is solid and a far better player than blanc. i am sure man u thought of the money can can bring in from merchandise of him.
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    I have been watching him since his debut, and trust me he is worth £20m+. I agree with you that he's only a makeshift striker, but as a left winger, he is devastating. His link up play with Matt Jansen and Cole at Blackburn is something to behold, and he is only 23 or so, so he's going to get better. Ireland played him slightly out of position, as there is a lack of real quality up front to go with Keane (unless Morrison gets it together).
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    Yes. Rio Ferdinand is a world class defender just entering his prime with a good 10 years of football ahead of him before he even BEGINS to lose form due to age. Compare that to the older defenders who Manchester had a chance to get (Ayala and Thurman) who have far fewer years of prime in their future. This move gave Man U. an established defender in English football (could they wait for another player to adjust like Blanc had to?) and solidifies their weakest spot. If you look at this move as a speculative one along with one that will fix some of their current problems the 30 mil price tag seems fair. But then again if he performs like Veron someone will undoubtedly pay :D

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