January 1973: New EEC v Old EEC

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    To celebrate the enlargement of the European Economic Community (EEC) in January 1973, an interesting exhibition match was staged at Wembley Stadium that featured some of the best players of the old and the new EEC states. I've read the original match report regarding this game in Kicker magazine and wanted to share it. I wonder if this game was broadcast and if the footage is still intact somewhere.


    New EEC:

    England represented by:
    -Bobby Chalton (Manchester United),
    -Peter Storey (Arsenal),
    -Bobby Moore (West Ham United),
    -Emlyn Hughes (Liverpool),
    -Colin Bell (Manchester United),
    -Alan Ball (Arsenal)

    Scotland represented by:
    -Johnny Giles (Leeds United),
    -Peter Lorimer (Leeds United),
    -Colin Stein (Coventry)

    Norther Ireland represented by:
    -Pat Jennings (Tottenham Hotspur),
    -Alan Hunter (Ipswich Town)

    Denmark represented by:
    -Henning Jensen (Borussia Mönchengladbach),
    -Morten Olsen (FC Utrecht)

    Old EEC:

    West Germany represented by:
    -Franz Beckenbauer (Bayern Munich),
    -Horst Blankenburg (Ajax Amsterdam),
    -Berti Vogts (Borussia Mönchengladbach),
    -Günter Netzer (Borussia Mönchengladbach),
    -Jürgen Grabowski (Eintracht Frankfurt),
    -Gerd Müller (Bayern Munich)
    -Herbert Wimmer (Borussia Mönchengladbach)

    Holland represented by:
    -Johan Neeskens (Ajax Amsterdam),
    -Ruud Krol (Ajax Amsterdam),
    -Wim van Hanegem (Feijenoord Rotterdam)
    -Wim Suurbier (Ajax Amsterdam)

    France represented by:
    -Marius Trésor (Olympique Marseille)
    -Beretta (AS St. Etienne)

    Italy represented by:
    -Dino Zoff (Juventus)

    Belgium represented by:
    -Christian Piot (Standard)

    Selection “New EEC”: Jennings – Storey, Moore, Hunter, Hughes – Bell (75 M Olsen), Giles, R Charlton – Lorimer, Stein, H Jensen (60 Ball)

    Selection „Old ECC“: Piot (46 Zoff) – Trésor (46 Suurbier), Blankenburg, Beckenbauer (46 Krol), Vogts – van Hanegem (46 Wimmer), Netzer, Neeskens – Grabowski, G Müller, Beretta

    Goals: 1-0 H Jensen (49), 2-0 Stein (70)
    Referee: Burtenshaw (England)
    Attendance: 36,500 at Wembley.

    Without exaggerating one can claim that the first 45 minutes featured football in perfection. These minutes seemed like a dream, causing a state of inebriation. Such dazzling combinations were conjured onto the pitch by Beckenbauer and Netzer, van Hanegem and Neeskens, Trésor and Grabowski, Müller and Blankenburg, bordering on wizardry. The nobility of European football had immediately formed a team where everyone promptly responded to the ideas of the others, except maybe for Beretta, who did play like an old fashioned outside left and didn’t quite reach the level of the others.

    The British, Danish and Irish were in danger of perishing. But Hunter’s fighting spirit, Jenning’s daredevildry, the untiring commitment of Giles and the calm overview of the 35-year-old Bobby Charlton, who first seemed not to come to grips with the situation only to start serving his team crucially later on, saved the “EEC newcomers” from the danger of the first 45 minutes.

    At that time Müller, Grabowski, van Hanegem, Netzer and Beretta churned out many opportunities that all could have been converted if they had played with a little more speed and determination. With the substitutions at half time came the caesura, the new players couldn’t tie in with the swinging rhythm of the first half. Unfortunately the game didn’t have the same class in the second half as in the first. The game was decided by an opponent that contrary to Schön’s team wanted to win this match unconditionally.
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