Ives' take on the last few days in La-la(s) land

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by purojogo, Jul 2, 2005.

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    Jury out on Meola and Suarez

    "Alexi Lalas and Bob Bradley have lost their minds. What other way is there to put it? The marriage that Anschutz Entertainment Group has brought together is clinically insane"

    "That's what some had to be thinking after the latest acquisitions by FC SuperClub (the MetroStars for you newcomers out there). In a matter of days, SuperClub added a goalkeeper with a permanent limp and a defender who was just waived by the team with the worst defense in the history of mankind. Never mind Bradley and Lalas wearing suits for games. How about straight jackets? "

    gets better (and less sarcastic/more analytical) after that

    BTW you'll be able to watch a Meola interview on MSG in about two minutes, or in the next few repeats going on till noon....(the interview is at every :20 and :50 minutes every hour, ie 20 minutes into each showing)
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    Good shot by Ives. Needed to be said.

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