IU vs. UCLA (R)

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    Dec 14, 2004
    IU wins 1-0 on a Kevin Noschang goal less about 15 minutes from time. Nice finish by Kevin, especially considering he was knocked down at the 18 and was able to get up and get on the end of the through ball play by Ackley (I think).

    The game was very well played, both teams show a lot of experience and organization. Chances and possession seems roughly equal although UCLA poured it on in the last few minutes after the goal. IU's finishing and final passes continue to need work though. It seems they lack a certain amount of patience, and many of the best opportunities were squandered by a through-ball played before the defense had committed.

    Great win though, and IU looked sharper throughout the game than they did against Maryland. IU also succeeded in breaking the school attendance record with a crowd of over 7,200. As far as tournament results, Maryland wins with 4 points and a +3 goal differential. IU finishes second with 4 points and a +1 GD. ND finishes third on 3 points at a -2 GD. And UCLA finishes last with 0 points and a -2 GD.

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