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Discussion in 'Italy: National Teams' started by WALDO, Jun 30, 2005.

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    Feb 20, 2005
    How's that Italian American kid Rossi doing? Is he going to get a call up from the Italian National team within the next couple of years? Or do you think he will never get a call up and end up playing for the US National Team? On another subject, my condolence goes out to the Italian National Team fans. I just watched an old tape I have of your team losing to France in Euro2000. That sucks seeing France score in the last seconds of an extremely long injury time. Everybody looking at their watches, ball in FB's hands at the other end of the field. Then all of a sudden, just like that the ball is in the back of the net. Italy has been snake bitten for a long time. Baggio's missed PK in 94. Losing in o.t. to France in 98. Having the ref send Italy home in 2002. Anyway, I wish you guys the best of luck in WCQ and I hope if you do lose in the WC it will be because you guys were beat soundly. :)

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