Italian Teams in the UEFA Cup [R]

Discussion in 'Italy' started by SueB, Aug 25, 2006.

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    Mar 23, 1999
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    Here's the first-round draw for Italy's four powerhouse UEFA Cup teams:

    Braga vs Chievo
    Rubin Kazan (Russia) vs Parma
    West Ham vs Palermo
    Livorno vs Pasching (Austria)

    Unfortunately, Italy's two best hopes (Chievo and Palermo) got the hardest opponents. It wouldn't surprise me all THAT much if none of the four make it to the group stage, but of course I hope I'm proven wrong. The West Ham-Palermo matches would be nice to watch - hope they're televised.
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    We're gonna hammer teh Hammerz!!!

    And yes, I'd love to see these on TV WITH ENGLISH COMMENTARY... -swoon-

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