Is there anything USSF can do to stop MFL ASG?

Discussion in 'MLS: News & Analysis' started by purojogo, Sep 18, 2003.

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    Apparently MFL officials have decided to have their All-Star game on October 29th in LA, pitting their Mexican stars vs. their foreig stars....The problem for me is the timing (right before the MLS playoffs are underway) It still not known whether the game will be played at the HDC, but nevertheless, it would take a lot of focus off the MLS....Any thoughts/suggestions?
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    This game will be at the LA Memorial Coliseum and will have no affect on the attendance of any potential Galaxy home playoff game. Don't worry.
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    Re: Re: Is there anything USSF can do to stop MFL ASG?

    I agree with that guy. Always trust a guamanese.
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    becides, the MFL will giving the USSF a nicecheck for them playing in this country
  5. Bill Schmidt

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    And IMO, the Coliseum is the best place to see soccer in L.A. because they usually have wide-open seating and fewer rules about flags/banners/200-foot streamers than the HDC. Tickets will probably be cheaper and the Mexican fans will like it better
  6. efren95

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    Boy, I'm envious of your living in the Redlands...such a beautiful area...

    Right. At least 25,000 Mexican fans. Multiply times $20.00. Ad parking and concession. Give 25% to the US Federation.

    Plus the right to name the referee...

    Not a bad deal... And Bimbo --the bread company-- continues to profit from their best market outside Mexico: the U.S.

    They continue to buy (in Texas Mrs. Braid of Dallas their latest acquisition) in several countries.

    A win-win situation for everybody...

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