Is Ronaldo the best brazilian player since Pele?

Discussion in 'Brazil' started by uche99, Feb 28, 2020.

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    It seems Brazilians have now generally accepted Ronaldo as the best Brazilian player since Pele. Garincha is not included as he is considered in Pele's time. Outside of Brazil it has been generally accepted that Ronaldo is the best Brazilian since Pele for a while. But in Brazil, I remember there was large considerations for Zico and even Romario before Ronaldo. I remember the Globo debate that Romario won like 52% to 48% for Ronaldo. So I always thought Brazilians considered Zico and Romario better than Ronaldo.

    But recently with Placar magazine declaring Neymar the best since Pele there has been polls asking the question. These are the polls I could find and it seems Ronaldo is now generally seen as the best player since Pele in Brazil. I just wanted to know the opinions of Brazilians on the forum regarding how Brazil views the best players since Pele? Is Ronaldo now seen as the best since Pele?


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