Is Dani career over at 26?

Discussion in 'Portugal' started by Frank Cunha, Sep 23, 2003.

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    what a waste of talent, if you see Quaresma, and Cristiano Ronaldo moves, you didn't see nothing until you saw Dani, I had the pleasure to see him at top of his game, will get another brake in Quatar or some small team, I wish he would try the MLS.

    Last Chance For Dani

    09/20/2003. If former Portuguese international Daniel Carvalho (Dani) could be summed up in one phrase it would be; wasted talent.

    While millions across the world play soccer, only a select few actually make it to the big time. Without intensive training and a strong work ethic, stardom in this sport is unlikely but there are always exceptions to every rule. Case in point; Dani.

    He has been blessed with natural talent. While many aspiring footballers may have a strong work ethic, Dani is the opposite. He has all the makings of a star player but lacks a professional approach to the game. As a youth player, Dani excelled and was tipped to be a future star. He was a stand out at the 1995 Under-20 World Championships in Qatar winning two individual honours and guided Portugal to 3rd place. Despite playing in the midfield, he was the tournament's second leading scorer and was voted second best player in the tournament by FIFA.

    He followed that up by being named Portugal's MVP in a fourth place finish at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

    In 1995/96 West Ham United took the starlet on loan from Sporting Lisbon. He made a positive start to his playing career in England scoring the game winning goal against Spurs and instantly endeared himself to the fans. His film star good looks brought him modeling and record deals. British pop star Louise Nurding publicly admitted her infatuation with the Portuguese player. "Oh, yes, that Portuguese guy who plays for West Ham, I think he's really cute. That's the first time in ages I've seen a guy and gone, 'Wow, he's gorgeous.'

    Eventually, his playboy lifestyle brought him into conflict with the club as he reportedly turned up late for team practices. Despite endearing himself to the club's supporters, West Ham terminated their loan deal with the player and sent him back to Sporting Lisbon.

    In 1996/97, he signed on with Ajax where he spent four seasons. At Ajax, he was again very inconsistent and failed to hold down a regular first team place despite his immense talent. He had gained the reputation for being the most popular reserve player in the history of Ajax. His video biography sold record copies in Amsterdam.

    "I wish I looked like that," is what Richard Witschge told the media when informed of the number of biography sales. While he was adored by fans (particularly women) this admiration was not held by the Ajax training staff. Dani's poor commitment to training is what eventually led to his Ajax exit in 2000. He was told by Ajax officials to look for a new club, as he was no longer welcome at the Amsterdam Arena.

    From Ajax, he moved back to Portugal with Benfica. He lasted 5 games in Lisbon and was indefinitely suspended by the club without explanation. Dani was reported to have skipped several training sessions and repeatedly broke the club's curfew policy. When a Portuguese sports daily reported his wild night at a Lisbon nightclub, Dani was done at Benfica. Dani argued his side of the story on a Portuguese TV talk show where he stated "Benfica know the kind of player I am and my history, why did they buy me from Ajax if they don't want me to play? Benfica obviously have another agenda." Benfica players Sabry, Maniche and Miguel were also punished by the club for their involvement with Dani's evening escapades.

    Despite being at Benfica for a short time, he had already overstayed his welcome and was transferred to Atletico Madrid Dani was now out of the media spotlight and playing in the Spanish second division. He flourished in his first season with Atletico Madrid scoring a goal on his debut. He became a regular in the first team and was voted Fan's Player Of The Year by club's supporters. Ateltico also achieved promotion to the Spanish Premier League that season; Dani was a key contributor to their successes.

    The following season Dani saw little action as an early season knee injury and a slow return to fitness kept him out of the lineup. Atletico Madrid's patience with Dani grew thin and they released him in July saying that his wages were too high for a fringe player.

    It was no surprise that Dani did not receive any offers for his services from Europe's top clubs in the summer. The talented playmaker has developed a poor reputation because of his unpredictability and his playboy lifestyle. Reports are now surfacing that Celtic are interested in his services and have extended the player's tryout at the club.

    The truth is that Dani has all the talent to be a star at Celtic, but his discipline leaves a lot to be desired. At 26 years old, he is not getting any younger and Celtic could be Dani's last chance to live up to his potential.
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    It's sad that these kids don't realize that they can build up an enormous amount of wealth and personal satisfaction by dedicating themselves solely to the game, then retire at a very young 35 or so and then live the rockstar lifestyle they crave so much. There's no respect for time and they think there's not enough of it. It's like they don't even see the mistakes of other players who've gone down similar paths. There's plenty of time to party when you're rich, 35 and mobile.
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    Sep 17, 2001
    hope others will learn from his mistakes,

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