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  1. jezhead

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    Feb 13, 2003
    The best running iptv service out there right now. Has the following:

    PACKAGE 01
    over 3500 channels!
    UK - 240 channels
    Bein Sports - 13 channels
    African - 77 channels
    Czech - 47 channels
    Austria - 17 channels
    Albania - 190 channels
    Arabic - 282 channels
    Belgium - 32 channels
    Bulgaria - 38 channels
    Ex-Yu - 208 channels
    Estonia - 27 channels
    France - 127 channels
    Germany - 200 channels
    Greece - 65 channels
    Hungary - 99 Channels
    India - 101 channels
    Italy - 292 channels
    Kurdistan - 55 channels
    Mali - 4 channels
    Macedonia - 30 channels
    Netherlands - 100 channels
    Pakistan - 4 channels
    Persian - 96 channels
    Portugal - 108 channels
    Romania - 72 channels
    Russia - 143 channels
    Scandinavian - 178 channels
    Spain - 131 channels
    Switzerland - 30 channels
    Thailand - 2 channels
    Turkey - 96 channels
    Adult - 42 channels

    PACKAGE 02
    over 950 channels including:
    Sky Italia - all calcio and PPV primafila!
    Sky De - 120 channels
    Sky UK - 75 channels
    Bein Sports - 16 channels
    French - 82 channels
    Swiss - 10 channels
    Albania - 51 channels
    Portugal - 17 channels
    Romania - 31 channels
    Spain - 27 channels
    Ex Yu - 49 channels
    USA - 21 channels
    XXX - 45 channels

    Plus all on demand movies
    Start watching today and enjoy all you can handle [​IMG]
  2. jezhead

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    Feb 13, 2003
    Upcoming matches available thru this service:

    Tuesday October 04/2016 (ALL TIMES GMT)
    13:00 U-17 Women's World Cup - Nigeria vs England
    13:00 U-17 Women's World Cup - USA vs Ghana
    13:30 Indian Super League - NorthEast United vs FC Goa
    16:00 U-17 Women's World Cup - Brazil vs Korea DPR
    16:00 U-17 Women's World Cup - Paraguay vs Japan
    17:00 Swedish Superettan - Varberg vs Assyriska
    18:45 English National League - Solihull Moors vs Southport
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    Nat'l Team:
    Um whats the name of the service?
    How much does it cost?

    lol I need more info here
  4. jezhead

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    Feb 13, 2003
    One is Clientportal (formerly known as Rapidiptv)
    and the other is EuroIPTV

    both have test if needed. Do you have a mag box?
  5. jezhead

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    Feb 13, 2003

    Women's Champions League
    U-21 Qualifiers
    Belgian Second Division
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    Dec 12, 2007
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    Arsenal FC
    Nat'l Team:
    thanks. I'll have to check it out.

    I actually don't have a mag box :/
  7. socceraction

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    Oct 20, 2000
    I've been an iptv users for 14-15 months now. Thought I would chime in with some thoughts for those who are curious or considering it for themselves.

    First off, the equipment: a magbox is by far the most convenient way of hooking up an iptv service to your TV. The box is small and only requires power source, CAT5 from your modem/router and a HDMI cable to send the audio/video to your TV (it can also work wirelessly with a readily available adopter). The cost is around $70 via ebay and other places. You can also watch an iptv service without a magbox by using computer software (KODI). Works well but can be complicated to setup and the magbox is extremely easy to setup and simply more convenient. The big plus with KODI software is the multiple options of sending the signal to other devices such as ipads, phones, tvs...

    I have tested at least a dozen different services over the past 1 year+ and can sum up my findings very simply:

    1. Decide if quality or quantity is your primary goal.
    2. You get what you pay for.
    3. Its not perfect but in the big picture its amazing what is available.

    I need to preface the following by saying I do NOT have a dog in this fight. I do list a provider on my website but am NOT compensated by them nor even get a discount on my subscription (what the hell?). Also, I did test one of the services listed above (when it was still called "RapidIPTV).

    If you don't mind mainly SD quality video with a smattering of HD channels here and there, there are dozens of services out there that will meet your needs. This is more for the person looking for country-specific programming and looking for variety. Admittedly, this was me for about the first 6 months of iptv usage. If you want "quality" the choices become very narrow. If your idea of "quality" is a service that rarely if ever goes down, it boils down to one "Ruya Super". If your idea of "quality" is 1080p picture quality, again you are down to a choice of one - DigitalSatKey (DSK). There may be other services I have not encountered yet that offer one or both "qualities" but I have not found it. I get emails from dozens of people who enjoy iptv and they have not found them either. This is not to say that type of service isn't out there - but I doubt it.

    Briefly on these 2 services: "Ruya" offers pretty much every major sports channel in "HD quality". For iptv, "HD quality" means very watchable but still 1-2 notches below what you are use to with your cable/satellite provider. The thing about Ruya is that the channels are up 98% of the time. The interface via the Magbox is wonderful to scan thru the 2000+ channels. Its organized and its run by people who understand soccer fans. You won't miss a game. It even has "catchup service" on many channels making it convenient for those not able to watch live. With DSK, you get the other side of "quality". They offer about a dozen or so sports channels in 1080p. We are talking the same quality you are use to with your cable/satellite provider. There are hundreds of other "HD quality" channels (3000 total channels) which makes the service stand out from the crowd. But there are times their server is obviously stretched, and unlike "Ruya" you get channels not being watchable every so often (not very often but enough to get frustrated). In a perfect world, you would have both services but at about $20/month each, it becomes a costly option.

    Some final thoughts to consider: I use a regular internet service (21 Gb download speed seems to be my average when I run a speed test). This is more than adequate as problems always seem to be on the provider's side, rather than yours. Pretty much every provider offers a free trial. It's usually 24 hours. Let me tell you from experience - while its great to check out a service this way, a real TEST should always be considered 1 month! Many services I have tested worked great during the 24-test but the real test is Saturday mornings when all the leagues (especially the EPL) are playing. Many provider's servers cannot handle the workload. My advice: get the 24 hour trial and if you like the channel selection, pay for the full month. If you see its stable and you're happy, spring for a 3 or 6 month subscription which will save you money. This definitely goes for the 2 services listed in the original post. Its my opinion that the services that do not offer 1080p or do not offer many sports channels should be in the $10-$15 per month stage (when getting 3 or 6 month subscriptions). The 2 standouts I mentioned above are in the $20/month range but well worth it in my opinion. One last thing to keep in mind is, catchup channels aside, there is no recording available for iptv. If you are use to recording matches and watching later, this simply isn't for you. This is for the "live watcher" and for those looking for channels from a specific country. But it's easy to lose perspective. We are talking about watching literally thousands of channels from every corner of the world for a fraction of the cost we are use to paying our cable or satellite providers. Just a few years ago, this was only a dream.

    Hope that helps.

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    Nat'l Team:
    I realize this is an old thread but I thought I would take advantage of it. It looks like ESPN (US) has dropped the Dutch League matches and I need to find a new way to watch Ajax. I'm wondering whether anyone has current experience with IPTV. I did find this link which promises a lot of different leagues: http://myiptvbox.live/ but the price 45 pounds (UK)/year appears to good to be true. I would want to stream using VLS media player which I already use for other streaming stuff and DVD playback.

    thanks for any help Big Soccer users can provide on this as I want to get ready for the first match this weekend.
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