Ipswich Town will be making noise in the English First Division

Discussion in 'Other Divisions' started by SJEarthquakes25, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. With Ipswich finishing out their pre-season with a string of victories, Could this be the start of an epic tear through all the teams of the First Division?
    I think so!
  2. sydtheeagle

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    May 21, 2002
    Wouldn't count my chickens mate. Pre-season means precisely nothing, and form in meaningless matches before a ball has been kicked in anger has never meant anything at all, nor has it ever been a guide to what will happen next. The smart managers use pre-season to try out shapes and formations, blood young players, and generally work on a lot of things that will end up on the sidelines once the big kick-off has taken place.

    Matches against European opposition are particularly misleading as the English teams' season usually starts earlier and thus our teams are fitter than the oppositions in those matches (Man Utd 3 Parma 0 last night being a prime example. United's season starts in 10 days time, Parma's not for a month, so do you think would be in better shape?).

    Furthermore, whilst on paper Ipswich are without doubt the best team in the division, this is a curse more than a blessing. Everyone will be gunning for them, and every match they play will thus be a bit more difficult. As many teams don't make the adjustment to Division One as do these days. Look at Coventry last season. Actually, what Ipswich do have in their favour is that they weren't in the Premiership for long, and so many of their players won't have forgotten what it takes to succeed in Division One. However, it remains to be seen whether the real Ipswich are the side from last year, or the one before.

    There are no stand out teams in our division again, and certainly no Manchester City's. Ipswich have spent nothing in the summer, and whilst they are a hard-working, highly organised side, they do not have a Bernabia or a Berkovic to simply open up lower league defenses with ease. They are a good bet to do well, but they are not a certainty at all. Anyone of about ten sides could up this year, and Ipswich are one of them. But they will not go on a tear through the league and I wouldn't hold your breath expecting them to. In fact, if they get off to a poor start, it could all go pear shaped rather quickly.

  3. Interesting. Indeed i'll have to admit that Ipswich doesn't have that certain #10 player that would particularly play the role as the playmaker. However, I do think that skipper Matty Holland is capable of filling that role. If you could do the research you'll find that Holland has a very high percentage of passes completed. He almost never services a bad ball. Although mostly regarded as a driving midfielder, Matt has skillz and is central to Ipswich's style of play. Holland is on excellent form and I think he'll have just as much as an impact in the nationwide as Bernabia or Berkovic with Man City last year. I'll say this though, Ipswich won't pull off what Man City did last year. Don't forget about Wolves by the way.
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    Jun 19, 2001
    div 1 away we go! well not my boys!

    Although I do feel that Ipswich will perform well Div one this up coming season I dont think that they will be the powerhouses that will dominate div 1 footy. Wolves are looking strong, with experienced signings such as Irwin and Ince. Also the top goal poacher in the premiership ' les ferdinand' is meant to be on his way there (or he may have already joined them) I mean, they looked good at the end of last season and really should have went up, but throw it all away at the end (no bottle?) I think this season jones will be out to prove him self and the team even more and I do expect rampant serge from them well into the winter season. Lets only hope that Swindon does the same! Well I must be dreaming now!
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    May 21, 2002
    Holland is a great player, no argument there, but he's not a "creative midfielder" and passing statistics really are among the most misleading in the game. What they don't tell you is how long the passes were, or how difficult. A Holland type midfielder, whose primary function is to win the ball in the tackle and lay off the short pass probably has a high completion percentage because he's making a lot of "low risk" passes. The true creative midfielder, or the Beckham-type player, will have a lower completion percentage because he is hitting 40 to 50 yard balls. But so what? One Beckham ball will lead to a goal far more often than the same from Holland, which is not to knock Holland but it is to bring a dose or reality to the statistics.
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    mansfield . G.B.
    forest are unbeaten pre-season including a convincing 3-1 win over newcastle , but it means nothing if we dont win league matches . only they matter as the games will be played with a much higher comitment by the opposition.
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    Phoenix Rising (USL) owners just purchased Ipswich Town FC

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