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Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by DJPoopypants, Jul 16, 2005.

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    OK, so I've been bothered recently about how friends of the current adminsitration are making bookoo bucks by Bush's wars. Haliburton, etc.

    Thinking of groups like Billionaires for Bush(or Kerry), Jesus' General -why not create an investment fund for war profiteers?

    Instead of a mutal fund for 'green' technologies, why not go the other way?

    I want someone, me or others, to create a company devoted solely to mutual funds investing in companies that make a 'killing' over killing and destruction.

    Because the real winners on the war on terror/Iraq - are the war profiteers. Those who make money from destruction.

    So why not create "Agressive Investments Inc" - a company to create a mutual fund investing in comapnies that profiut from death and destruction?

    Get people to invest funds with the killers that make money.

    Think of it - a group whose mission-statement is to help people invest in a mutaul fund of companies likie Halliburton, Kelllog Brown&Root, Bechtel, etc.

    A subversive economic idea.

    Because the real purpose would not be to make money, but to draw attention to the fact that american companies make huge profits by death and destruction.

    Imagine it. Huge advertising, ostensible for the purpose of making money, but truly for the purpose of shining a spotlight on horrible people.

    A company/mutual fund committed to giving investors returns for death and destruction. Outragous? yes? Profitable - oh yeah!

    without a doubt this would get get mentioned immediately in business journals. Free publicity in the press. But the true goal not to make money, but to name and shame. A company website explaining how these companies make bloodmoney. Completely legit.

    And also the company would make sure to tell its investors that they're seriouys about future profits. Donations to warmongers to create future wars. Catchly slogans like

    "You may lose your son or daughter. Don't lose your shirt."

    "every american soldier killed - means more profits. Plane shot down? - we'll replace it at a 10% markup"

    C'mon, George Soros could provide 50K in startup money. All profits put immediately back into advertising - more stickers, flyers, etc. And every day - more americans realize that killing is our business, and business is good.

    What do you think?
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    I think it's a stupid thread.

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