Interesting Computer Football Game (Korean)

Discussion in 'Korea' started by oakydoaks, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. oakydoaks

    oakydoaks New Member

    Apr 29, 2002
    Denver, CO
    SoccerStar 2002

    You need Korean Windows, I think.
    This game is sort of like combination of Championship Manager and Princess Maker.
    What it is is, you become a young player in K League team, and you have to schedule what you are going to do and eat each week. If you develop to be a decent player then your team will let you play games and you are gaining experiences and reputation. Then you can move on to sign with another team with even better contract. Eventually you will be playing in National Team if you are really good.
    I really didn't expect much but I was surprised how sophisticated this game turned out to be.
    If you have time to kill, I would definitely recommend you play this one.

    ps- I'm not working for this company :)

    go to this site:

    and log in and click "Download Soccer Star 2002" or something like that on their main home page.
  2. oakydoaks

    oakydoaks New Member

    Apr 29, 2002
    Denver, CO
    hey, I just found out the direct link.
    You don't need to log in and stuff.
    Click right mouse button on these links and try "Save as different file name" or something like that.
    ps- this game has a lot of players pictures. I was very surprised at that.>SOCCER STAR 2002 v1.0´Ù¿î¹Þ±â(Setup.001)</a><br><a>SOCCER STAR 2002 v1.0´Ù¿î¹Þ±â(Setup.002)</a><br><a>SOCCER STAR 2002 v1.0´Ù¿î¹Þ±â(Setup.003)</a><br><a>SOCCER STAR 2002 v1.0´Ù¿î¹Þ±â(Setup.004)</a><br><a>SOCCER STAR 2002 v1.0´Ù¿î¹Þ±â(Setup.005)</a><br><a>SOCCER STAR 2002 v1.0´Ù¿î¹Þ±â(Setup.006)</a><br><a>SOCCER STAR 2002 v1.0´Ù¿î¹Þ±â(Setup.007)</a><br><a>SOCCER STAR 2002 v1.0´Ù¿î¹Þ±â(Setup.008)</a><br><a>SOCCER STAR 2002 v1.0´Ù¿î¹Þ±â(Setup.009)</a><br><a>SOCCER STAR 2002 v1.0´Ù¿î¹Þ±â(Setup.010)</a><br><a>SOCCER STAR 2002 v1.0´Ù¿î¹Þ±â(Setup.011)</a><br><a>SOCCER STAR 2002 v1.0´Ù¿î¹Þ±â(Setup.012)</a><br><a>SOCCER STAR 2002 v1.0´Ù¿î¹Þ±â
  3. Korean Football

    Korean Football New Member

    Apr 21, 2001
    I installed it and am playing it.

    But it's a bit hard for me. @.@

    I don't get a lotta things there. I tried the mission and selected Ahn. The mission was to make Ahn start over 20 games at Blackburn.

    it was tough


    I was running outta FOOD!!

    where do I buy the food in the mission part???
  4. oakydoaks

    oakydoaks New Member

    Apr 29, 2002
    Denver, CO
    You have to go shopping and just click on food items listed. although you might not realize, there's small numbers written next to the food items. those numbers will be increased.
    If for some reason, you can't buy food because "the storage is 0" or something, then you might want to buy extra refrigerator to be safe.
    they cost 2mil. won (!) for each.
    However, you cannot buy refrigerator every week; so check shopping frequently. (the items other than food you can buy are listed lower right part of the shopping screen). If you have other items so you can't buy any extra refrigerator, then you need to increast the storage (the bulldozer looking button). then if you look carefully there's next button and prev button around that button. click next button will let you select empty storage with 5 cells. how to buy items? (not food)
    first drag the item to temporary storage (upper right). as soon as you drag it there, you have bought the item. then drag it again to your empty storage.
  5. Korean Football

    Korean Football New Member

    Apr 21, 2001
    thanks a lot.

    the game IS really impressive considering that it's made by only a couple of football fans.

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