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Discussion in 'Inter Milan' started by soccerfan220, Aug 10, 2002.

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  1. soccerfan220

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    Jun 24, 2002
    here is a thread where you can post all the latest interviews of inter's players and coaches from inter's official site.
    Here is Hector Cuper's on August 10.
    What do you think of the Ronaldo case?

    I’ve never had a problem with Ronaldo . Last season he trained and worked, arriving very close to the Scudetto with Inter and winning the World Cup. The technical and medical staff and the club have worked and hoped for his success. It has been obtained and we’re happy. He’s currently doing specific training, as indicated by us, and as regards the other matters everything has been down to the competence of the club that has acted for the best.

    What Inter are you expecting for the Champions League?

    A determined and focused Inter. I’m seeing a great team spirit and great unity. And the desire to achieve the only result that counts – qualification.

    Hector Cuper gave his opinion of the Italian international and former Parma captain, saying: "A great buy for the squad, another Italian international. And I’m particularly pleased to have a lot of Italian players. He’s fundamental because thanks to him we have more possibilities."

    When asked whether Cannavaro will feature for the Nerazzurri against Sporting Lisbon next week, Cuper replied: "Why not? It’s a possibility. For that date he will have done five complete training sessions with us. He’s played two friendlies and he’s been training for some time. He’s a player that can be also be useful in this very early stage of the season."

    The arrival of Morfeo and the ‘rediscovery’ of Dalmat have been two successes of Inter’s pre-season. And Cuper was quick to recognise that.

    "Dalmat gives his best in the central midfield position and I note this with pleasure," said the 46-year-old Argentine coach. "We're also using Morfeo on the left. He’s a fighter and never gives up. He’s doing very well on the wing."

    Ok, there it is......
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    soccerfan220 New Member

    Jun 24, 2002
    One on Kallon

    Here is one of Kallon the same day. THis is pretty long, just to warn you....

    Will it be your year of revenge this season?

    I wouldn’t put it like this. Last year we made mistakes just in the last forty-five minutes. With the reinforcements the club has bought, we are more competitive. We have to work to try and win the Scudetto.

    In these last few months there has been talk of Kallon finishing up at AC Milan.

    I’ve read the newspapers, but no-one has said anything to me. The club hasn’t asked me anything, so I’m only thinking about doing my work. I have to do my best for Inter. If the club wants to sell me in order to get something extra for the team from my sale, then there’s nothing I can do.

    However, a lot of prestigious clubs are interested in Kallon . Does that please you?

    I want to continue to show my value here in Italy. I know I can give my contribution to the team. I want to stay at Inter to stay at the highest level and win something important.

    What’s been said in the changing room about the Ronaldo situation?

    No-one spoke about this. We know that these things are normal. Ronaldo will stay with us, he’s our team-mate and he will play with us.

    In his situation, would you have behaved in the same way?

    I don’t know what his exact position is. I can’t say anything about it because I don’t know his reasons. I don’t know if he has made a mistake or if other people have.

    You arrived in Italy from Africa when you were very young. Now the Italian football federation has blocked the arrival of players from outside the European Union. Don’t you think this is an obstacle for a lot of young players?

    Yes, I feel sorry for a lot of African boys. In my continent, but also in South America, there are a lot of talented players that could come to Italy with the hope of becoming professional footballers. The federation has made this decision, but I think that in the future things can change.
    Does it please you to hear who says that Inter with Kallon were first in the league table and Inter without Kallon lost out on the title?

    All the matches are different. There are also opponents who are often very strong. I’m sorry that Inter didn’t succeed in reaching their objective. But I’m aware of the fact that we can win with the squad we have.

    Let’s talk about the present. Are you ready for the Champions League preliminary?

    Yes. We’ve been working for a month and a half. Physically, we are much better. We’re focused and I hope that in Lisbon we can play a great match. We will certainly go to Portugal to win.

    Do you hope you can play with Vieri ?

    I work to improve all the time, match after match. But the decisions are made solely by the coach. I know that any player he chooses can do well

    Do you already have information about Sporting Lisbon?

    Yes, a lot of their players are famous. They are a good team, they play well and they are excellent when in possession of the ball. They are also very good tactically. But we're working and we're thinking only about ourselves.

    Does this year's Inter have anything more than last year's side?

    Last year we had the right attitude. We have to have that this year as well. The two or three new players will allow us to make a leap in quality.

    Ok, that's the end of today's interviews......hope you enjoyed it, I'll post tommorow tommorow
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    Jun 24, 2002
    Today Toldo has been interviewed. Here is what he had to say from

    With three days to go until the match in Lisbon, how’s the Inter team shaping up?

    For over a month we’ve been preparing for the two-legged tie with Sporting. It’s the most important objective at the moment, a clash which will inevitably condition the whole season. We cannot fail. The squad is in good form, we’re still not at 100% but we’ll get there with the next few training sessions even though from a psychological point of view I have noticed the right tension in the changing room. We’re all charged up and very motivated.

    Do you think this year’s Inter has something extra with respect to last season?

    The squad is already very competitive and has shown that by dominating the season up until the disastrous match at the Olympic stadium. The club has operated on the transfer market in an extremely intelligent way, making aimed-for acquisitions of absolute value. With the arrival of Coco , Adani and Cannavaro , the number of Inter players that orbit the national team set-up has increased to eight. The squad has been reinforced in every department. Apart from my three national team companions, Gamarra has arrived. Then there’s the quantity of Almeyda and the quality of Morfeo in midfield, and there’s the power of Corradi in attack.

    Are you pleased about how the Fiorentina situation has been resolved?

    I’m saddened by the whole situation that saw the team relegated to the Serie C2. I’m still very attached to the colours of the club. Eight years living in a splendid city like Florence can’t be easily cancelled. I’ll never forget my return to the ‘Franchi’ [Fiorentina’s stadium] as an opponent, with the Fiesole end that interrupted the ‘fan strike’ in order to pay tribute to me with a very long applause. Fortunately, with Diego Della Valle stepping in as president, there are prospects of a quick return to the elite of the domestic game.
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    Jun 24, 2002

    Also today was cannavaro...

    I’ve been at Inter for a few days but because of the numerous medical tests, I’ve done just three or four complete training sessions with my new team-mates,” said Cannavaro .

    ”I’m very happy to have come to a prestigious club like Inter. There’s an air of revenge after the disappointment of last season, when unfortunately the work of a whole season was sacrificed in forty-five minutes. But these are things that can happen, who has played football can understand what I mean. In this sport the psychological aspect counts very much, perhaps as much as the technical aspect. At times even a simple error can make you lose faith in your possibilities and so what before seemed a banal obstacle becomes insuperable.”

    According to Cannavaro , Inter have three main rivals for the Scudetto: “Roma, Juventus and AC Milan. They are all teams built to win, they are all opponents to be feared.”

    Nesta and I are two different players,” said Cannavaro . "Stylistically he’s nice to watch and he’s very good at positioning moves. I’m perhaps more efficient as a marker, having been used to it since I was very young."

    He added, "I still don’t know whether the coach will decide to use me against Sporting, I can only say that I really want to play and do well. At this early stage the squad has done an excellent job and is highly motivated for this appointment with the Champions League. Regardless of the formation used, Inter must and has the possibility of doing well."

    On the Phenomenon, Cannavaro remarked: "I have maximum respect for Ronaldo , he’s a champion and an exemplary professional. I’m sure he will stay, also because an Inter without Ronaldo is unthinkable."
    I'm glad what he said on Ronaldo, but today Cuper was interviewed on a spanish radio saying Ronaldo is not indespensable..... oh well, the saga is never ending.... i wonder when he'll start training with the team?
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    Jun 24, 2002
    Here is today's of Materazzi's from
    How are you living through the Ronaldo affair?

    These are things that rightly concern the club. I’m regretful because Ronaldo is good person. Now he has to resolve these matters with the club only. We can’t help him and we can’t express our opinions either. We’re only thinking about doing our duty and we’re focused on the preliminary. And then we hope to give Ronaldo the Champions League.

    Inter play with a four-man defence. Is Cannavaro the buy that was needed?

    A lot of defenders have been bought because last year we were lacking in numbers. Now it’s up to us to have the right sporting rivalry and who deserves it will go onto the pitch.

    Are you ready to play in a three-man defence?

    When I came to Inter I’d just finished a season playing in a three-man defence, a season that was probably the best in my career. If we played with three I would find by my side two of the best five defenders in the world, Cannavaro and Cordoba .

    Inter have signed Coco and Adani , both of whom are in the national team set-up. Do you think Inter have the strongest defence now?

    They are great players. I was in favour of the acquisition of Adani because I believed he deserved another stage to play on. He will show his worth, we need everybody.

    Have you studied Sporting Lisbon and are you ready for this match?

    We only worry in part about the opponents. We remain focused and we’re thinking about playing like we did in Bari. Above all, like during the match against Chelsea when we did well and we flattened our opponents in their own half for the whole forty-five minutes.

    Does the preliminary lost against Helsingborg hang over you?

    It has passed, like the fifth of May has passed. We don’t think about it anymore. We must focus solely on the next match and the next season.

    Has the arrival at Inter of many defenders been interpreted by you as a lack of faith?

    If you have the faith of the coach, you have the faith of everybody. Important players like Gamarra and Adani have been bought at zero cost. If there are great players around, it’s right to get them. And then there’s Cannavaro , one of the best in the world and Inter have got him. There are a lot of competitions, I will try to make as many appearances as possible.

    There are a lot of competitions, but this [Champions League] is the most important.

    We’re aware of the importance of this match. We started working well a long time before with this objective in mind. We must go onto the pitch to do our duty and show on the pitch that we are stronger than Sporting Lisbon.

    Who do you see as your rivals next season?

    I say that we’re stronger than last year. The last match aside, we were always first and maybe we were also the best. Now we have a squad of twenty-four or twenty-five regulars who all deserve a place. We have to put the coach in difficulty every Sunday. And then we hope to obtain positive results also from the matches that are particularly difficult

    A stronger Inter, even without Ronaldo ?

    Ronaldo and Vieri are the strongest forwards in the world. If things go in a certain way we will be very happy to still have Vieri and Ronaldo .

    Are you ready to welcome back Ronaldo in the changing room?

    Of course. I’ve also spoken to him in recent days. With us, Ronaldo has always behaved divinely. Why shouldn’t we give him a good welcome back? We will have to be near him when he returns to the changing room, but it will be done without any kind of problem. It would be the most normal thing for all of us.

    How is Cuper dealing with this situation?

    In the best possible way, like he did with Vieri last year. The coach considers everyone in the same way. For us, this is very positive.

    Are you more nervous or more focused?

    Focused. There’s no need for nervousness. Calm and sang-froid are needed to beat Sporting Lisbon.

    What do you know about Sporting?

    They’re a great team with many world class players. They have many players capable of creating difficulties. We will find more than fifty thousand people, but we’re going there to play our game.
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    Jun 24, 2002
    this thread is getting boring, so unless anyone else posts anything I'm going to stop. if anyone cares. today, Cuper was in the longest interview of any of the ones onhere yeat, plus Beati and Pasquale were interviewed quickly, plus Dalmat, i think
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    Jun 24, 2002
    and cannavaro

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