Inter & AC share the stadium? I'm going to Italy April

Discussion in 'Italy' started by DCU1996, Jan 4, 2006.

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    As I'm visiting Italy at the time, I'm hoping to watch the game AC Milan vs Inter Milan on 15 April...

    First of all, do the two club sahre the same stadium as a home?

    What's the best way to make sure to get a ticket for the game in US?

  2. slideslide

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    Dec 31, 2005
    Inter and Milan do share the same stadium the SAN SIRO but i have heard that Milan are thinking of getting a new stadium
  3. Thiefo

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    Apr 26, 2005
    Doesnt AC = Athletic Club? Why do people always referr to Milan as AC?

    As for your question, yes they do share the same stadium and yes milan are planning on building their own stadium but that wont come anytime soon...
  4. phillips10

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    I would purchase online well beforehand to make sure you have tickets. Check Milan's web site for starters.
  5. xdanx

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    It stands for associazione calcio. Which is football association in italian I believe.
  6. FCBasel1893

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    If I were you I'd try to organize these tickets in advance somehow. There are new rules in Italy regarding ticket sales and I'm not sure how it is in Milano, but e.g. in Roma it is said to be impossible to buy tickets directly at the stadium on matchday nowadays. Perhaps you can find an email adress or phone number on the Milan homepage where they can give you more information.

    Also of course the derby can be sold out (there's always a black market in Italy for big games but if you're in bad luck the tickets are fake and you won't get in). So I'd take care of this as soon as possible.
  7. Thiefo

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    Apr 26, 2005
    Damn I suck. :rolleyes:But my point still stands, you cant say "football association" when refuring to a team.

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