Institutionalized Banality

Discussion in 'Columbus Crew SC' started by pericles, Jul 13, 2005.

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    What a great piece. I loved the part about Andrulis looking like a random fan who wandered down and took a seat on the Crew bench. So true.

    It's amazing though that Warzycha is the first coach in our ten year history who was actually an MLS player.

    The great thing about Urban is that he isn't beholden to much of anyone, so he does the old Howard Cosell routine and tells it like it is. HSG DOES have a lot to answer for in all this, as much as they try to remain above the fray. The fans are not going to be treated like idiots any more. They pushed us too far, radicalized us too much, for us to go back to being Stepford fans.

    This is a little like a marriage where your spouse cheated on you. For everyone's sake you're willing to forgive, but don't even think for a moment that we're going to forget.
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    May 30, 2005
    A great article. But suggesting to Crew management that they ought to hire Warzycha quickly is a litlle like telling an alcoholic to hurry up with taking that one last drink. Come on. Show us you are capable of hiring from outside.
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    One thing that upsets me about this article is that it mentions the undefeated streak last season and the Supporters Shield as the "utterly uninteresting, boring drivel masquerading as soccer", when in fact it was simply the Crew getting the job done but most of us knowing that the playoffs were going to be rough; the GA did NOT have what it takes to go all the way to MLS Cup. The author forgets one of the most massive sticking points for either GA's removal or at least some shred of accountability: the early exit from the playoffs. Talk about numbers and direction and style of play all you want, but to forget one of the most depressing blows to the Crew franchise and it's (realistically) ZERO accountability is just a head shaker...
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