Innovative virtual European League

Discussion in 'Statistics and Analysis' started by khucke, Jul 10, 2005.

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    Jun 7, 2005
    This might as well belong in this forum folder. Take a look at the European forum folder and the Innovative virtual European League thread.

    Sorry I`m too stupid to post a direct link there.
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    I did something similar at the beginning of May:

    I've updated that since, but never got around to posting it. Perhaps we should pool our resources?
  3. khucke

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    Jun 7, 2005
    Interesting thread, Elninho. The main problem is to gauge the league strength. The numerical values of the UEFA list are worthless, I think. The list does a good job ranking the countries, but misrepresents the actual differences in numerical terms. The Spanish teams are the best of course, but because they advance often and far in a competition, the quality of opponents rises and they subsequently have a depressed point total, at least more depressed than it should actually be. I like my system more, now that doesn`t surprise you?
    I would happily share my spreadsheets with youand this board, but not before tidying them up. What do you think of my Virtual European League? Are there major holes in it, was it reasonably well explained? Does it make sense overall? PM me or post here. I`ll be gone for another 10 days tomorrow, so don`t expect immediate responeses.

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