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Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by joelafer, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. joelafer

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    Sep 13, 1999
    New York
    Is there any way, in my wildest hopes, that the Metros would ever consider playing a game that counted in either Queens (Shea) or Brooklyn (Cyclones Stadium)? Just to see what happens? I think the attendance would be great! As everyone knows there is a huge international community throughout the boroughs, and with them thousands of soccer fans who I believe would come out if the game was in their (and my) own backyard.

    Just one game, to try it out. I know, I know they are baseball stadiums and there are problems of their management and GS season ticket holders but just one game can't hurt...

    Or should I just look in the mirror and point and laugh?
  2. Mr Fish

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    Feb 2, 1999
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    I will be kinder than others on this board.

    It's not enough that the Metros would "consider" playing in another venue.

    Why would the City of New York (owner of both stadiums) allow the Metros to destroy the pristine baseball fields in Brooklyn or Queens? Why? I can't imagine the Metros have enough cash to make it worth it to the city.

    Also, knowing the puny size of the Metros marketing budget, how would they let anyone know they'd be playing in Shea or Cyclone?

    Jets fans from Long Island find their way to GS for football games. Why can't Metro fans?
  3. smith

    smith New Member

    Nov 1, 2000
    Conversely, why can't Metro fans from NJ make it to LI?

    Move the team to Mitchel Field.
  4. jamison

    jamison Member

    Sep 25, 2000
    What do you do for the games (non-intl doubleheaders) when we draw 22k at GS? We don't do it that often, especially this season, but if Mitchell held another 10k this might be worth discussing. 6800 power fans at a field with 15 or so thousand capacity is one thing, but would be turning fans away for a number of games due to lack to seats. Rental fee must be less than 80k a game, though, so the team might actually make money there eventhough our revenue would be less.
  5. metrosarenumberone

    metrosarenumberone New Member

    Jul 27, 2002
    Landing, NJ
    why in gods name would we wanna move to LI at the mitchel athletic center? Why would we wanna play at a 15,000 seating stadium? we would fill it over capacity.
  6. The Notorious Biggie

    Nov 23, 1998
    Hey Metros No 1-

    The team may be better served at Mitchel Field. This year has been the worse attendance-wise, and probably led to GS crashing the exclusivity clause with the Metros, and now be able to host their own intl. friendly games with Charlie Stillitano's (the old GM/Pres) new marketing crew.

    None of the new hacks (MetroMgmt) have been able to create any "pop" to keep folks coming to the games. The WC left alot of hangover in the US, b/c of our Nats...but noooo, lets NOT use this attention on soccer, and promote our MLS games at GS! (And these guys share the same owner, who bought U.S. TV rights to the World Cup!)

    The ten thou last Wednesday night used to happen in Sept. after school started.

    Back to your point- I bet that over 70% of the ESC is from NYC. And that's a good start for a team in Uniondale. There is a very pro-soccer fan base in nearby Hempstead, Rockville Ctr and E. Meadow, both ethnic and American. The MLS can put money into creating more stands, like they did in Miami and San Jose. It could be temporary endzone seating. Create a need! Sh!t, if you can't buy a seat, you better call a sales rep and become a season ticket holder!

    But then again, there's a game coming up soon for the Open Cup. I'll buy a Newsday, and wait for the Sunday soccer article by Mr. Ibsen, and figure that's about as much promotion this lame mgmt. team will have for the game!

    Oh yeah, then they'll figure it out that this will be the place they may have to end the season at. :p DOH!
  7. copaantl98

    copaantl98 Member

    Apr 9, 2002
    Isn't the Cyclones Stadium even smaller than Mitchel Field?
  8. bukie2k

    bukie2k Member

    Mar 28, 2002
    New Jersey
    you sure about that?

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