IFHSS names Ecuadorian league 13th in the world.

Discussion in 'Ecuador' started by barcelonista1981, Jan 11, 2011.

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    How I came across it? You don't! There is no way in hell anyone can get one or buy one today. Filanbanco disbanded over 20 years ago..I'm sure footballers have some when they exchange jerseys. I used to practice with them when I spend my summers in Guayaquil. I was even offered a pre-contract but no way in hell in father would have let me do that. I was still in high school..oh yeah.. Back in the Modelo days going at it with politechnico..I know all those players back then. I was a pretty good footballer but I never dedicated myself completely. It just wasn't in the cards for me. I even played for SV Sandhausen in Germany but I was more interested in other thing like women, bier and school and women....
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    and spelling!!:eek:
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    I guess this year's libertadores is a good measuring bar to see how far we've come along as for being internationally competitive, Liga seems to have put together a very interesting looking squad and Deportivo Quito has brought some nig name players, we'll see. lets try to keep that 13th place lol
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    Norway - 10k, population - 4,9 mln. :)

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