If I had a Billion dollars.

Discussion in 'MLS: Expansion' started by The Voice of Reason!, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. The Voice of Reason!

    Jan 6, 2002
    Wethersfield CT
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    ok, my lotto ticket is only for 65 million, but this is not about reality.

    This is of cource related to MLS expansion because I think everyone that reads this forum would put money into MLS if they had the means. and as Billionaire 1/10th of your money would get you a stadium and a team.

    the challange is how you spend 1 billion dollars on sports. you can think Chelski style if players are your think, but if you do, I suppose you cant use MLS as MLS does not allow that kind of cap spending.

    so here is my billion dollars spent in just a few minutes.

    I dont want to go broke, so I invest in a city that can afford o support a team. I also get involved in other sports as i could share ofice space, or front office personelle. 1st order of Business is to buy the rights to the NY Cosmos. the price is 1 milion from what i heard, but who knows. do I want to resurect the Cosmos? no, not unless the City demanded it. I just want to make sure no one else destroys the name by making circus teams with the same name that just play exibitions.
    so once the team name is secure, I buy franchise rights to NYC from Phil. price is at least 25 mill as I see it, who knows maybe more. 30 million gone I now have the rights to the Cosmos of NYC. I come up with a new name, say the Empire, or whatever. now I go after the NY Jets. they are currently valued at 600 mill according to Bloomburgh financial news. If I cant buy them otright I at least get controlling intrest. should have 350 million left.
    with this 350 million I build quite honestly a monster stadium on the lower west side attatched to javits. this is something the city supports, and the Jets only offered 250 mill before. the added funds should ensure revenues from all events, and plenty of controll.

    the thing is i ask HOK to design the stadiumas a 80k seat soccer stadium. Football would of cource work on it, and there would be some temporary seating for football. I would call the stadium Empire stadum, or whatever I call the team untill a name naming rights deal is settled.

    the way I see it. I get the olympics, the world cup, superbowl, a BCS bowl game. any and all premire sports event that requires a big home. NYC is the biggest, and this stadium would be its only real Super venue. grass field, retractable roof. la de da da.
    so the football team sells out every game. they have 77k season tickets now and have 20k on waiting list.
    this stadium could easily sell out at 90-100k if it was built that large.
    also superbowl, world cup and Olympics can do the same.
    I have no doubt that the facility would be profitable.
    also the Jets make like 30 mill a year.
    so i would not go broke supporting al of this. and I could support my soccer dreams.
    in a stadium like this. with the Cosmos supporters, and the subway, and manhattan. an special super stadium built for soccer. I have no doubt that a NYC team would easily draw 30k. especially if it was well publicised throughout the whole construction process as a soccer stadium. Also I would put a few minor league teams in Long Island and Westchester, maybe western CT. leave Jersey for the Metros. I would have all levels in each of these areas. A-League(maybe), PSL, PDL,and jr teams. run a training center out of long Island for both Football and Soccer. Get as many local school districts involved as possible. go to the Burbs, and go to the ethnic neighborhoods.
    possibly see if the A-league would let the team play 1 year in their league, or maybe 2 if it works with their expansion scheduel. Win both seasons, and play out of Long Island. just as a primer before the stadium is finished. with the football team able to support the soccer team for quite a while i would make tickets really cheap so I would fill out the stadium as much as possible. Organize supporters clubs. give them banners and such of pay for them if needed.
    with its own stadium the jets would easily become the most valuable team in NFL, so I could always sell, and not loose money. also I could rent to the Giants when they renovate their stadium, or for the long term if necessary. but they are stuck in meadowlands for 25 more years.
    I might also dabble in Lacrosse and rugby, but more likely at the training center on Long Island. unless of cource I could arrange a super 12 neutral ground match. or host a cricket game between India and pakisatan. that would sell out too. In NYC the possibilities are endless, and no money would be lost. even if I only had the stadium and the soccer team i would be set for life. i could rent it to wich ever team i want and host any event. not to mention the expanded convention center could be tied in and bring visitors.

    is this a crazy Idea? sure. is it at all based on reality? heck no. but if you were given the financial opportunity of Uncle Phil, or of that dude that wants to buy the rapids, what would you do?

    think of it as brewsters millions. you canot put a dime in actuall investments. gotta be sports teams venues hell a network, whatever.

  2. roarksown1

    roarksown1 Member

    Mar 30, 2001
    Playa del Rey, CA
    Hamburger SV
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    United States
    I'd buy out the Corleone's and see what happens...
  3. akimmel

    akimmel New Member

    May 19, 2003
    You are not going to get the Super Bowl, NYC in January is not the best football weather for an outdoor stadium. Other than that.....good luck to you.
  4. Casper

    Casper Member+

    Mar 30, 2001
    New York
    You forgot about his retractable roof, mon ami.
  5. Casper

    Casper Member+

    Mar 30, 2001
    New York
    I also love the fact that someone with the handle "The Voice of Reason!" is suggesting spending his entire billion dollars on the Cosmos.
  6. pc4th

    pc4th New Member

    Jun 14, 2003
    North Poll
    Los Angeles Galaxy
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    United States
    "Voice of Reason"....hahaha. Voice of Unreason seem more like it.
    --350 millions for a stadium with retractable roof, 80 k. You are quite out of your mind right? unless NY provides you with 350 millions in tax money.
    Check out Safeco field, retractable roof only 45 K and it costs over half a billion dollar

    With 1 billion dollars, I would put a team in Seattle, build a SSS at a cost around 65 millions. New franchise at 10 millions. Start up Cost 5 millions. That would be around 80 millions to start up a team with a stadium in Seattle. (Kent)

    Build a SSS in Portland. New franchise for 2007 or something. 80 millions

    Build a SSS in or near philly, put a team there. 80 millions.

    Build an indoor SSS with airconditioning in Houston. 100 millions.

    At the cost of 340 million dollars. I control 4 expansion MLS teams and complete control of SSS.

    Invest 500 million dollars with Uncle Phil and MLS investors and start up a SSN (soccer specific network). Buy rights to EPL, Champions League Real Madrid and Barca games, Inter, Juventus games for English broadcast in the US. The channel will be like that of HBO, Showtimes, Cinamax...etc (no commerical) Subscription to the SSN channel will be 50 cent a days. (or 15 dollars a month). With the SSN, most if not all MLS games will be exclusively show on this channel along with A-leagues and maybe one or two college games. oh, and US open Cup. Since Uncle Phil controls the rights to WC 06 (maybe 2010) I put it on this channel also. With around 2 million subcribers (MAN U claims it has 3 millions fan in the US alone) to SSN, it would make around 30 millions a month. About 360 millions a year. With more subcribers, more profits. Remember, you are paying ESPN 2 dollars a month and yet it has commericals.

    Thus, 360 millions a year in subcriber money. Business expenses maybe 160 millions a year
    Rights to Soccer games, around 200 milllions (with the majority go to MLS TV rights). Maybe 100 millions for MLS, A-league, US Open Cup rights.
    World Cup 2006, 2010 will motivate people to subcribe to this channel.
    By the way, what is the cost to subcribe to HBO?
    Would you rather have HBO or this SSN?

    Put in some classic games including WC, some concerts that AEG has the rights to, some soccer movies.

  7. The Voice of Reason!

    Jan 6, 2002
    Wethersfield CT
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    the Cosmos are just 1 mill fool :)
    and what ever team name is used in NYC will cost 25 times that. I just want to buy the history. save it if you will. Tie its history into this new club for all time. and I kinda think a rectangular stadium on the Island of manhattan with a retractable roof is a decent real estate deal. also half to all of an NFL franchize is always a good investment.

    Hell Mcnair of Houston Texans ownership blew almost a billion dollars 2 years ago, and his franchise value has already gone up... in a down econemy.
    besides, its not real money. if it were real i would ensure a safe financial future before throwing any of it away. so what would you do?

    as far as 350 mill not being enough. no of cource its not. the total projected cost of the west side stadium is 1.1 billion. the Jets were supposed to have controlling rights and all that, and they only were to put in 250 mill. my 350 mill gives me a better deal then the Jest were after, and also guarontees the city will go through with it. you dont think a record breaking stadium naming rights deal cant be made in the world largest market? 300 mill for that alone over 20 years. what about special tax zones. and all of the Olympic money. this is not something I made up. It is actually a plan that is in place. i just sweetend the offer, and made it a bit more soccer orientated.
  8. SYoshonis

    SYoshonis Member+

    Jun 8, 2000
    Manistee, Michigan
    Michigan Bucks
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    United States
    You forgot about the hit men for Jim Rome and Frank DeFord.
  9. Jose L. Couso

    Jose L. Couso New Member

    Jul 31, 2000
    Arlington, VA
    Hope you win, we need more rivalries!
  10. penadamaz

    penadamaz New Member

    Jan 23, 2002
    McDonough, GA
    I'd put a team in Atlanta, just to tick off a bunch of Bigsoccer posters.
  11. Stan Collins

    Stan Collins Member+

    Feb 26, 1999
    Silver Spring, MD
    If I had a billion dollars, I'd buy you a green dress. . .

    But not a real green dress, that's cruel.
  12. Ictar

    Ictar Member

    Jun 18, 2002
    The Oklahoma Panhandle
    If I had a billion dollars I'd made sure I set aside 10 million dollars that I wouldn't touch no matter what, so if I end up losing the rest I'll always have enough to keep myself and all of my family fed.

    Then, I'd use to the rest to pay off every politician and feminist to get the hell rid of Title IX. But not because I hate it, because I want to never see a thread about it again.

    It makes my head hurt.
  13. SignGuyDino

    SignGuyDino New Member

    Aug 6, 2003
    Fletcher, NC
    If I won a billion dollars, I'd drink a LOT more Pepsi.
  14. soccerfan

    soccerfan BigSoccer Supporter

    Mar 13, 1999
    New Jersey
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    VOR its cool to dream isn't it, i do sometimes, and your idea of combining different businesess makes lots of sense, but it has to be about control as well

    you get the sadium, you need Tv,radio as well and may add a newspaper, like USA Today. Now you have some power of advertising and able to spread the word cover MLS and US Soccer as you wish.

    One more thing, the natural grass will be distroyed if so many events are played on it, and i hate football lines

    good luck with that Big Game , wink
  15. SJJ

    SJJ Member

    Sep 20, 1999
    Royal Oak, MI, USA
    Michigan Bucks
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    United States
    Had to burst your bubble on this one: Fifa doesn't allow the World Cup on pay TV channels.

    (And you forgot about broadcasting the WUSA.... oh, wait.... never mind.)
  16. pc4th

    pc4th New Member

    Jun 14, 2003
    North Poll
    Los Angeles Galaxy
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    nice joke there about the WUSA, though I expect there will be a top-flight women league sometimes in the near future.

    I didn't know that FIFA doesn't allow the WC on pay TV channels. (i guess I learn something today)
    But i got a question though, WC 02 and WC03 is now on pay TV channel. Last time I check ESPN (you have to pay around 14 dollars to get in the BASIC cable) ESPN 2 you have to pay 28 dollars to get in the Premium Cable.

    oh, FYI, if you have cable, 2 dollars go to ESPN each month. That is why ABC/ESPN can afford NBA, NHL, NFL.

    So what is your defination of PAY TV? Because as far as I know WE ARE PAYING TO SEE WC GAMES ON TV.

    I know some people subscribe to cable just to see the world cup. They paid. If they didn't, they will miss the majority of the WC 02 games on TV.

    Beside, if you can prove it by providing a link in which FIFA state that WC can't be televise on Pay TV (which I believe mean pay-per-view TV like boxing) I will continue to believe that FSW can televise WC games if it has enough money.
    By the way, which is harder to get HBO or FSW?

    HBO you can get basically anywhere with money, while FSW even with money you can't because some cable providers do not offer them.

    OK I MADE MY POINT. I need a link to believe otherwise.
  17. dl

    dl New Member

    Sep 16, 2000
    Cambridge, MA
    ... I'd do two chicks at once

    and try and by an MLS team or two or three.
  18. Gunners11

    Gunners11 Member

    Jul 22, 2003
    Chicago, IL
    Arsenal FC
    If I had a billion dollars....I would buy a flat in North London, and front row season tickets to Highbury
  19. ojsgillt

    ojsgillt Member

    Feb 27, 2001
    Lee's Summit MO
    If I had a billion dollars I would buy ritch williams to walk around carrying a plasma screen television on his back wherever I went.
  20. USAfutebol

    USAfutebol New Member

    Aug 11, 2003

    If I won a billion bucks, I'd do two chicks at once and then I would do 2 chicks at once again. Then I would buy the WUSA. Yeah I really would.
  21. Sempuukyaku

    Sempuukyaku Member+

    Apr 30, 2002
    Seattle, WA
    Seattle Sounders
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I'd startup a team in Seattle and build an SSS there.

    Then I'd re-startup a team in Miami (NOT Ft. Lauderdale....MIAMI.) and build an SSS there too.

    After that I'd buy a good chunk of stock in Sirius satellite radio and have them be a sponsor of one of my teams, as well as have sponsorship deals with Nintendo (right in Seattle), Starbucks, and maybe a few other companies.
  22. the101er

    the101er New Member

    Jan 29, 2003
    I'd buy out MLS and the A-League and kill MLS. I'd replace it with the A-league and encourage MLS investors to buy A-League franchises.

    USA-Canada D1
    DC United
    Minneapolis Thunder
    Rochester Rhinos
    NE Revs
    Columbus Crew
    Chicago Fire
    Dallas Burn
    Colorado Rockies
    Chivas de LA
    SJ Quakes
    KC Wizards
    Seattle Sounders
    NY Cosmos
    Ft. Lauderdale Strikers
    Tampa Rowdies
    Atlanta Silverbacks
    Virginia Beach Mariners
    Montreal Impact

    USA - Canada D2
    Calgary Storm
    Charleston Battery
    Charlotte Eagles
    Cincinnati Riverhawks
    El Paso Patriots
    Indiana Blast
    Milwaukee Wave
    Pittsburgh Riverhounds
    Portland Timbers
    Richmond Kickers
    Syracuse Saltydogs
    Toronto Lynx
    Vancouver Whitecaps
    San Diego Gauchos
    California Gold
    New York Freedoms
    Wilmington Hammerheads
    Long Island Rough Riders

    D3 East (15 Teams)

    New Hampshire Phantoms
    New Jersey Stallions
    Northern Virginia Royals
    Reading Rage
    Westchester Flames
    Western Mass Pioneers
    Albany Blackwatch Highlanders
    Cape Cod Crusaders
    Jersey Falcons
    Jersey Shore Boca
    Rhode Island Stingrays
    South Jersey Barons
    Vermont Voltage
    West Virginia Chaos
    Worcester Kings

    D3 Southeast (14 Teams)

    Central Florida Kraze
    Chesapeake Dragons
    Bradenton Academy
    Cocoa Expos
    Greenville Lions
    Nashville Metros
    Carolina Dynamo
    Louisiana Outlaws
    New Orleans PDL
    Palm Beach Pumas
    Raleigh Elite
    Richmond Kickers B
    Williamsburg Legacy
    Houston Toros

    D3 Midwest (15 Teams)
    Kalamazoo Kingdom
    Columbus Shooting Stars
    Chicgao Fire B
    Des Moines Menace
    Fort Wayne Fever
    Indiana Invaders
    Kansas City Brass
    Memphis Express
    MidMichigan Bucks
    Sioux Falls Spitfire
    St. Louis Strikers
    Thunder Bay Chill
    Toledo Slayers
    West Michigan Edge
    Wisconsin Rebels

    D3 West (14 Teams)
    Utah Blitzz
    Abbotsford Rangers
    Austin Lightning
    Boulder Rapids B
    BYU Cougars
    Calgary Storm B
    Cascade Surge
    Fresno Fuego
    Nevada Wonders
    Orange County Bluestar
    So Cal Seahorses
    Spokane Shadow
    Texas Spurs
    Yakima Reds

    Now that I have done away with the anachronism of MLS. I will implement promotion and relegation and no one can whine about how it won't work with the single entity.

    Then, I will sell the rights to a reality TV show following the fortunes of one team that gets promoted and one team that gets relegated. Each of the four regional D3 champs will battle in a promotion playoff to move up to D2.

    2 teams from D2 do the drop each year into D3. While 2 teams are promoted into D1, where 2 teams are relegated. The top 8 teams in D1 play a playoff to determine who will be invited to play in the Toyota Cup of the Americas. The bottom 8 teams will enter a relegation playoff. The finalists (teams that continue to lose) are relegated.

    Americans will get hooked on the David v. Goliath aspect of soccer. Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a bid to regain voter confidence will buy the Orange County Bluestars, promising to spend his fortune until he takes them up to D1.

    I will become fabulously wealthy, and joke about the days when I was only worth 1 billion. I will also be recognized as the patron who revolutionized American sports, introducing pro-rel and simultaneously making soccer the number one spectator sport in the country.

    When I retire, I will kick out the opening ball of the equivalent of the Charity Shield game, when D1 champions Bradenton Academy play against USA Open Cup Champions, NY Cosmos.

    To celebrate, I do two chicks at once and die.
  23. GersMan

    GersMan Member

    May 11, 2000
    build 16-20 soccer academy/centers of excellence - with agreements for each to eventually be affiliated with an existing or new professional team - paying for requisite number of qualified coaches, including necessary coaching education.

    And a soccer specific stadium in DC (until then, at least pay to open a few more concession stands at RFK :)
  24. Paul Schmidt

    Paul Schmidt Member

    Feb 3, 2001
    Portland, Oregon!
    To 101er,

    I have two issues...

    # 1 Timbers in the second tier my arse!

    # 2 Reality shows are already producing diminishing returns. They'll be passe by Halloween.

    It's good to dream, but with a thousand people watching, you're advised to check yourself first.

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