Hypothetical 2nd group stage at '02 WC

Discussion in 'FIFA and Tournaments' started by photar74, Aug 29, 2002.

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    There was a proposal on the table, supported by the AFC, to have a second group stage replace the round of 16 in the most recent WC. It was voted down, but if it hadn’t been, these would be the current standings in the 2nd group phase:

    Group I
    Brazil 2-0-0 (6) 4-1
    England 1-0-1 (3) 4-2
    Belgium 0-0-1 (0) 0-2
    Denmark 0-0-1 (0) 0-3
    Still to play: Denmark vs. Belgium, England vs. Belgium, Brazil vs. Denmark
    Interesting note: If Denmark beats Belgium, especially by more than one goal, there is still a chance Brazil doesn’t qualify.

    Group J
    Turkey 1-1-0 (4) 1-0
    Senegal 0-2-0 (2) 1-1
    Sweden 0-1-0 (1) 1-1
    Japan 0-0-1 (0) 0-1
    Still to play: Japan vs. Sweden, Senegal vs. Japan, Turkey vs. Sweden
    Interesting note: Its still wide open—and the Sweden Japan match is HUGE.

    Group K
    Spain 0-2-0 (2) 1-1
    Korea 0-2-0 (2) 1-1
    Ireland 0-1-0 (1) 1-1
    Italy 0-1-0 (1) 1-1
    Still to play: Ireland vs. Italy, Korea vs. Ireland, Spain vs. Italy
    Interesting note: It couldn’t be more wide open. Is there any match you wouldn’t pay a large sum to see?

    Group L
    Germany 2-0-0 (6) 2-0
    USA 1-0-1 (3) 2-1
    Paraguay 0-0-1 (0) 0-1
    Mexico 0-0-1 (0) 0-2
    Still to play: Mexico vs. Paraguay, Germany vs. Mexico, USA vs. Paraguay
    Interesting note: If Mexico beats Paraguay (and scores more than one goal in the process), there is still a chance Germany doesn’t qualify.

    Overall interesting note: The knockout phase of this WC was a lot like all of Italia ’90.
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    What do you mean by "lot like"? I'm guessing you mean the low scoring matches, but I thought the overall quality of play was much much higher. I watched the highlights from the '90 World Cup a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was horrible, just negative soccer all around. The '02 was defensive, but it wasn't cynical like it was 12 years ago.
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    I can't wait for the next games to be played though it seems like the teams have had enough rest already...

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