How did you start going for America

Discussion in 'Club America' started by aguilas, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. aguilas

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    Dec 17, 2004
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    So everyone, how was your story?

    When I was small I used to like Morelia and America. This was because most of my family goes for Morelia and they used to try and make me chose sides and since I was just a toddler I just ended up liking both. This went on until I was about 8 and I realized that Morelia sucked ass and that no other team was as good or fun to watch as America. Everytime that they played America would blast Morelia and I remember how much the adults used to get mad and I really enojoyed provoking them. I then began to see how mad everyone would get when I would tell them that I now only went for America and that I hated Morelia. That only made me like my team even more. As the years past I began to like watching soccer more and more and my passion for America grew as time passed by, up to the point where I am at today. I am the self proclaimed biggest America fan in the world.
  2. Panfilo

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    May 9, 2003
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    99 percent of my family are Chivas fans.

    I was going that route when I realized how much better the late 80's early 90's America was than the Chivas.

    I was around 5 or 6 when I made my final decision.

    My family was in shock, to this day they can't understand why I chose this route. My father was devastated. Imagine the Mastercard commercial that is exactly my situation.

    I can't really explain why America captured my allegiance. The way they played was free flowing in that time. Why would I stick around and root for mediocrity when I could root for an exciting team.

    The 94' America will always hold a special place in my heart. The most entertaining team I ever saw. too bad, Benhakker was let go.

    In the end

    Quality can be spotted a mile away.

  3. el chingon

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    Dec 31, 2005
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    when i was younger around 5 i lived in jalisco for a couple of years. and there almost everyone i knew was either chivas or atlas fans. and since my dad was an americanista, america and atlas were my favorite teams. then about when i was 6 jorge campos played in tigres so i started liking tigres a little bit also.

    then when i came back to the U.S when i was like 7 a lot of people i knew were chivistas and pumas fans. and when i would say i liked america they would get mad. and i started liking getting them pissed:D

    but i really didnt become a "real" america fan until like when i was 13 when i really started watching soccer. before i didnt watch soccer that much
  4. Numero_9

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    Mar 31, 2004
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    My main team is Toluca, but America is a close second. I used to hate America back in like 6th grade. Just cause some gay kid in my class used to like them. But then as i got more into soccer i liked how they played and stuff. Then when i entered HS most of the people liked Chivas and i just couldnt see why. So i started going for America to piss them off and I ended up liking them for real. Ochoa also helped draw my interest to America.
  5. Lyrical S.

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    Aug 22, 2006
    Morelia, Michoacan
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    i quench my thirst of the haters!!! sobrevivo de la envidia que me tienen porque yo llevo en mi sangre los colores del ame!!! back in 1994 when my uncle had his c-band dish all we would watch is america i was about 8 when i watched cuauhtemoc scored a goal against chivas after he ranned to leo benhakker and celebrated with him!! thats my most held memorie in my heart!!! after america lost in the playoffs that season i started to think wat bullcrap when i started to understand wat had happen wit leo i started to loose interest no just in america but in soccer in general after dat univision all that it televised was chivas games in 1997 chivas vs. toros neza i aint gonna lie i was ruding on chivas who wouldnt in my situation!!! ya hasta cuando tuve uso de razon empeze a entender el americanismo!!! me devirtia viendo tvazteca tirandole falsas al america!! decian que comprabamos partidos, que los arbitros estaban vendidos!! una pregunta les pregunte por email y la leyeron al aire "tanto dinero tiene el america que por en vez de darle la alegria ala aficion compran insignificantes partidos en vez del campeonato?" i didnt get an answer!!!!!! la envidia por que soy grande y por que tu nunca seras tan grande como yo es lo que me declara americanista!!!!!!!! por vida!!!!!!
  6. EL PA77AN

    EL PA77AN New Member

    Jul 3, 2006
    South San Fran
    I liked America since I could remember. Ever since I was a little kid I remember everyone always talking about America, I guess they just grew on me. I also like my cousin said liked Morelia for a little bit because they were the hometown team but when I went to Morelia and I saw how much they all hated on America I thought it was stupid and I just stuck with America.
  7. AztecWarrior

    AztecWarrior New Member

    Nov 9, 2005
    Downey, California
    At one point when I didn't really like soccer or it did not interest me at all, I was going for Chivas cuz everyone went for them. Then I started playing soccer with my brother and he started liking America. So I started wathing/playing lots of soccer cuz there was a park close by and the kids were playing soccer. Then I just started to like watching America big time and then realize I was on the bandwagon of people saying "Chivas son puro Mexicano, nunca hay extranjeros". I hated when people would say that. Cuz it's ignorant and stupid.. you like a team cuz of the team, not cuz of the players nationality. You never hear crap like that anywhere else, espeically in Spain/Europe. Now I'm a hardcore die fan Americanista :)
  8. WitchKingMX

    WitchKingMX New Member

    Jul 16, 2005
    Coapa's Nest
    The first futbol match I saw, or at least the one I recall, was the 1989 Final America-Cruz Azul. Aggregate America 5-Cruz Azul 4, I will never forget Carlos Hermosillo carried on shoulders at the end of the match. And that was it for me. I needed no more to follow America since then.
  9. americaforlife

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    May 24, 2006
    Lost Angels
    since i was young my dad play in a sunday league for an america team,ialways knew who they were just wasnt down.then when i started to work with him (like at 20)i use to see him get a bunch of shit talked to him during lunch (we worked removing asbestos from schools and houses so nothing but mexicans white boys are crazy enough to do it)all they ******** would say is chivas this and chivas that and say america day we were at a co workers house watching the clasico 30 chiva fans vs me and my oldman america win and my dad started the sick shit talking and i joined in we never let up for about a month.after that i never notice how many friends and family we chiva gays,so i got hardcore about it.many years later my full blown hate for the legion 1908 came out when my friend got his ass beat at one of the first galaxy chivas usa games,i was pissed off then when later they had the super clasicos america galaxy vs both chivas me and my friends went 13 of my friends wore their chiva jerseys i only lone america fan(my dad had to work in texas too bad)after both chiva teams lose i was talking a shit storm some faggets hear me and told me to shut up,i dont him dont cry next time mija,i guess he didnt know those were my friends so when him and his six buddys stepped up we kicked the living shit out of them.too this day my friends after seeing me fight for the first time,they are scared of me when i'm mad,after the loss to chivas usa they were happy but didnt say anything to me,good thing to cuz after it was over as we walked out some dude said something to my mom and i knock him out,and now my dad loves my hardcoreness for my yellow and blue."AMERICA FOR LIFE PU TOS"and if they dont like it fuc k them
  10. Ritter

    Ritter New Member

    Oct 4, 2005
    My dad is a Pumas fan and at the beginning (1991) I usually saw teams like Pumas or Morelia, then two year later I was interested in other teams like America. Finally in 1994 (Benhakker age) I take my final decision.

    De ahí a la eternidad he sido, soy y seguiré siendo americanista.
  11. futuregrace

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    Feb 23, 2002
    Manhattan, Kansas
    FC Dallas
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    United States
    I have been a fan of soccer since childhood and became a fan of the Dallas Burn (FC Dallas) five years ago. However while in seminary my wife and I could not afford cable (still don't have it) so the only soccer on TV was the Mexican league, after watching different teams I began to love watching America play. Slowly I became a huge fan so that I own all sorts of stuff with the logo/name and go to see them whenever they come to Houston, can't wait for next week.
  12. Rey_Azteka

    Rey_Azteka New Member

    Jun 21, 2005
    Long Beach C.A
    i guess i grew into the team... when i was a kid my dad would watch them all the time... id watch for a while and get bored... around 10 is when i really sat down and started to love the sport.

    my fam is divided into morelia and chiva fans... so there always talkn shit to us when america looses or something... one day one of my uncles ( moms side ) said somethin to my dad about america they started to argue and my dad punched him in the face... after that day i started talkin america to the heart... none of my uncles or cousins talk shit now casue they know me and my dad will bomb.

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