House Votes $10 Million Funding Increase For Nea

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    Just got this in an email:


    The House of Representatives voted 234-192 to add $10 million to President Bush's budget request of $116 million for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), bringing the total arts endowment funding to $126 million in
    2003. This is close to a 10 percent increase above the 2002 level of $115 million. The $10 million in new funding approved by the House would go to the arts endowment's Challenge America program. The president had asked Congress to add $1 million to the NEA's budget next year for rent and mandated administrative expense increases.... Almost half the legislators targeted by NASAA for special advocacy attention -- mostly moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats whose support was essential to passage -- voted in favor of the arts funding increase.

    This is just an excerpt, full story below:

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