Homeless World Cup '05 (Edinburgh)

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    "The third Homeless World Cup takes place in Edinburgh`s world famous Princes Street Gardens from 20 - 24 July 2005. Entry is free! Come along and enjoy the spectacle!"

    32 teams and 250 players will take part, making it the biggest yet.


    I should hopefully be going to watch the entire tournament and I'll be keeping the official thread updated.

    If anyone is interested, then the thread link follows:
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    Five African football teams all set to travel to the UK on Monday 19 July take part in the Homeless World Cup, the global street soccer tournament kicking off global poverty, have been refused entry to the UK by the British government. Just days before they were due to travel to Edinburgh for the event, entry is refused on the basis that they do not have sufficient funds to support themselves whilst visiting the UK...

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    What a ********ing joke. Email and fax already sent to the relevent government people. :mad: :mad: :mad:

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